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PMI PMP for project managers

Certification overview

Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) is internationally recognized credential offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is a non- profit association governed by 15 Board of Directors. Employers of recent years are keen in looking out for a well-qualified professional, with some real-time experience in this most competent field, since a loss in project may count to Billion dollar wastage, along with unproductive resource and hardship, for which the employer has to work for years to overcome. This is where PMI PMP certification takes the lead, aiding an employer pick an egg-head as a project manager. A PMP certification yields its holder with the most coveted career in the job market with excellent pay and quick career growth in IT field.

Who can do this certification?

A Project Management Certificate is given to a potential project manager, who passes through various stringent test scenarios. PMP certification is the top ranked (No:1) among all IT certification in recent years, which has got a reputation all around the world. In general, management of a project is not just a process of taking part in the project. It highly demand several skills such as planning, developing and controlling resources, effective time, staff and cost management at various stages of the project, right from the beginning, till the successful execution.


It a debatable question among many project managers who has a hand-full of experience, if they further have to take up PMP certification classes and get certified. No doubt, resume of a PMP holder stand-out well ahead of the competitive employers during job search, since it is the demonstration of one’s expertise in mentoring and an established proof of his proficiency in evaluation skills and thus, this certification provides trust to the employers, that the candidate meets the set of guidelines that shows him to have adequate educational and professional knowledge. Top consulting firms prefer PMP holder, who could best apply PM principles, in order to improve the success rate of their projects. PMP classes also solidify the evaluation skills of a manager, making him incompetent when he looks to step high in the ladder of IT field.

Associated exam

A candidate deciding to take-up PMP exam is expected to have a Secondary degree (3-years) or its global equivalent.


Candidate should posses 5 years of experience in any of the field of project management, with7,500 hours (60 months) of hands-on experience in leading and directing projects. Alternatively, one with 4-years degree is sufficient to have 3 years of real-time experience in project management with 4,500 hours (36 months) of project-handling experience. In both cases, it is mandatory for one to have undergone 35 contact hours of PMP preparatory classes – either PMP classroom sessions or PMP online classes.

Examination overview

The PMP examination is generally based on assessment of the proficiency of the examinee under the following criteria:

  • Initiation of a project
  • Planning, scheduling, breakdown and estimation of cost of the project
  • Appointment of staffs, effective communication and risk analysis in the project
  • Monitoring of the project, execution and closing
  • Having thorough knowledge on input and output of each levels in the project and integrating them in a proper way

PMP boot Camp, a PMI organized PMP prep class aids a candidate in meeting up the 35-hours of PMP classes. This can also be undertaken as PMP classes online, that comes with a great flexibility and affordability, ensuring the candidate meets the educational and professional requirements, without his ongoing project/career getting affected. One could opt for these PMP classes by successful application for membership in PMI.

Validity of certification

Project Management Professional certificate is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of earning the credential. A PMP holder is supposed to earn 60PDU (Project Development Unit) within every 3 years cycle, in order to extend the validity of the certificate. This 60PDU could be earned by the Project Manager by taking part in various seminars, courses, workshops, writing articles etc., in topics related to Project management or conducting any/all of the events mentioned above. Failing to do so, one would be required to re-take the PMP examination and passing in it

Expert Review

A proof that one possesses a skill required to the project management sector and in line with other factors such as experience, suitable for a PM

Micheal Adams

Microsoft, PMP expert

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