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ACAMS Certification Exams

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  • CAMS - Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (the 6th edition)

ACAMS or also the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists is a globally known membership organization that offers comprehensive training and certifications options for Anti-Financial Crime pros. Moreover, they support not only individuals but also companies that seek to end financial crime through continuing professional education as well as thought leadership. Meanwhile, the association fosters the aspirations of its members by creating networking platforms to share expertise and validate the achievements of professionals through carefully crafted accreditation pathways.

ACAMS was founded in 2002 as a division of Alert Global Media by Charles Intriago. Today, the global association has thousands of members in 175 countries and regions, including the public and private sector and all industries related to the financial system.


Considering that ACAMS is the largest international community in the fight against financial crime and money laundering, certification and training of specialists is a fundamental tool of their activity. Therefore, their Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist also known as CAMS qualification program is recognized worldwide.

In addition, ACAMS offers several qualification paths at various levels:

Associate-Level Accreditation:

  • CKYCA - Certified Know Your Customer Associate is a qualification for customer engagement specialists who can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of KYC / CDD concepts. Furthermore, candidates must have more than 6 months of experience in a position such as KYC / CDD analyst, KYC team lead, or money laundering prevention representative.
  • CTMA - Certified Transaction Monitoring Associate qualification is a benchmark of skills and knowledge required for transaction monitoring investigators. Therefore, this accreditation is suitable for professionals with more than half a year of working experience as transaction monitoring analysts, alert handlers, adaptation analysts, risk analysts, etc.
  • CAFCA - Certified AML FinTech Compliance Associate qualification covers the key FinTech functions, risks, and compliance principles that a savvy professional must possess to keep a company secure. As a result, if you work for FinTech companies or have experience as an AML officer, risk analyst, FinTech associate, or compliance operations analyst, this certification path is designed for you.

Specialist-Level Accreditation

  • CAMS - Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist qualification, as already mentioned is in demand among ACAMS participants, who deeply understand the main trailers of money laundering and effective ways to avoid it. To qualify, candidates must have a 40 ACAMS score and pass the appropriate certification exam.
  • CGSS - Certified Global Sanctions Specialist qualification designed for candidates wishing to complete a comprehensive program that includes the effective tools necessary to interpret and understand the changing sanctions regimes. The most suitable applicants for this accreditation are specialists in risk management, financial/economic sanctions, AML sanctions, and regulatory compliance.

Advanced Specialist-Level Accreditation

  • Advanced CAMS - Financial Crimes Investigations is the qualification required for professionals seeking to demonstrate an advanced investigative skill set and the ability to promptly report suspicious activity.
  • Advanced CAMS – Audit qualification for CAMS certified professionals with 5 years of experience in auditing and able to enhance their ability to fulfill regulatory expectations, strengthen internal controls, and protect the organization. Thus, if you work in a company's internal audit function or are involved in preparing the organization for a regulatory review, you have a good chance of passing the appropriate exam.
  • Advanced CAMS - Risk Management qualification in financial crime risk management is designed for CAMS-certified applicants in positions such as BSA officers, compliance officers, chief global compliance officers, or risk officers.

Training Options

ACAMS, as already mentioned, focuses on relevant specialist training. Therefore, from the Specialist level onwards, interested candidates have access to six weeks of training, which includes six weekly online classes via CAMS Virtual Classroom. What's more, you can choose the time and language that suits you best.

In the meantime, all candidates can take advantage of the ACAMS video library, forum, webinars, and AML white papers.