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ServiceNow Certification Exams

ServiceNow Exams

  • CAD - ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
  • CAS-PA - Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics
  • CIS-APM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio Management
  • CIS-CPG - Certified Implementation Specialist - Cloud Provisioning and Governance
  • CIS-CSM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management
  • CIS-Discovery - Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery
  • CIS-EM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Mangement
  • CIS-FSM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Field Service Mangement
  • CIS-HAM - Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management
  • CIS-HR - Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources
  • CIS-ITSM - Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management
  • CIS-PPM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio Management
  • CIS-RC - Certified Implementation Specialist - Risk and Compliance
  • CIS-SAM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Software Asset Management
  • CIS-SIR - Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response
  • CIS-SM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping
  • CIS-VR - Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response
  • CIS-VRM - Certified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk Management
  • CSA - ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

ServiceNow, Inc. based in Santa Clara, California is an American software company with a focus on cloud computing platforms for managing digital flows. Fred Luddy founded ServiceNow in 2003. And now, the company has more than 15,000 employees, and in 2020, ServiceNow was ranked number one on the Fortune Future 50 list as the company with the highest long-term growth potential.


ServiceNow is a globally recognized platform as a service provider for technical support for IT service management and IT operations. And the main product can be called Now Platform which is a preform of a platform aimed at workflow revolution. So, this platform is useful for the management of IT workflows, customer workflows, creator workflows, and employee workflows.

A portfolio of numerous solutions offered by ServiceNow helps solve a number of issues in areas such as financial services, retail, health care, utilities, education, and telecommunications. Thus, ServiceNow helps its customers automate IT, optimize operating costs, improve company productivity, increase customer loyalty, and create effective workflow applications.

Certification Program

ServiceNow is also known for its effective certification program, which helps you gain recognition in your chosen professional field, become more productive, and become more competitive.

So, depending on your career goals with ServiceNow products, you can choose from 5 certification tracks:

System Administrator certification is aimed at candidates wishing to confirm that they have sufficient competencies in the administration of the ServiceNow product portfolio including management and maintenance of the Now Platform. Thus, your skills will be tested in coordinating the initial configuration of the platform, maintaining its performance, providing day-to-day support, achieving the goals of project teams, and overseeing instance security. To obtain the Certified System Administrator certification, all you need to do is complete the offered entry-level preparatory courses and pass the corresponding qualification exam.

Application Developer certification is designed for professionals whose career goals involve developing effective applications by creating forms, developing application tables, managing access, and implementing workflow into new applications. As a result, with the Certified Application Developer certificate, you will specialize in specific products as well as see the full benefits of the Now Platform. Along the way, the vendor offers a couple of recommended courses, after which you can proceed to mandatory training programs where you'll cover everything you need to know before the final test.

Implementation Specialist certification is targeted at professionals wishing to effectively deploy a variety of ServiceNow products in customer environments. As such, a certified implementation specialist can manage complex implementation projects, develop solutions that meet business requirements, configure platforms, as well as assist to improve efficiency and reduce risk. Depending on your area of expertise, you can choose the required specialization and receive the CIS (Certified Implementation Specialist) certificate after passing the appropriate exam.

  • CIS - Cloud Provisioning and Governance
  • CIS - APM (Application Portfolio Management)
  • CIS - Disco (Discovery)
  • CIS - RC (Risk and Compliance)
  • CIS - HR (Human Resources)
  • CIS - CSM (Customer Service Management)
  • CIS - SP (Service Provider)
  • CIS - ITSM (IT Service Management)
  • CIS - FSM (Field Service Management)
  • CIS - HAM (Hardware Asset Management)
  • CIS - PPM (Project Portfolio Management)
  • CIS - VR (Vulnerability Response)
  • CIS - SIR (Security Incident Response)
  • CIS - SM (Service Mapping)
  • CIS - EM (Event Management)
  • CIS - VRM (Vendor Risk Management)
  • CIS - SAM (Software Asset Management)

Application Specialist certification focuses on individuals with sufficient knowledge of the basic ServiceNow application system, and the skills to effectively use key apps and platform configuration for maximum support, upgradeability, and maintainability. In the case of this qualification, you need to take a variety of required courses that cover not only theory but also confident practical skills thanks to the simulator. After that, you will be fully prepared to take the relevant exam and obtain the Certified Application Specialist - Performance Analytics accreditation.

Architect certification is designed for professionals able to demonstrate their expertise in solving complex business problems and architectural solutions. This accreditation pathway offers two tracks, Certified Technical Architect and Certified Master Architect, but in all cases, the candidate must be qualified as a developer, implementation specialist, or administrator, and complete a series of required training programs.

All of the qualifications described above are included in the Mainline category of ServiceNow certification. But in addition, micro-certificates are available to interested professionals that cover the service management and platform application development areas.