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Exam: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification overview

The Project Management professional better known as PMP is one of the globally recognized certification across the world. Comparatively gaining more than the basic pay package a professional with PMI PMP certification is sure to stay in higher note. It is in demand among the project managers; this certification allows a professional to gain knowledge on project leading, and handling. The PMP exam questions help you get competency in directing new projects.

The world’s GDP’s One-fifth, or more than $12 trillion, is spent on various types of projects and their managements. With many accomplished consultants parting or planned to consent the labor force due to various reasons one of them is retirement - a trend the (SHRM) recognizes that the world would soon require the urgent need of practiced management professionals and team leaders

And the PMP exam questions just permits you be in the highest salary slab amongst others. Since the pmp exam preparation briefs you with just the qualities to become a leader, the course on the same, would agree to let you demonstrate the skills.

In the year of 2006, the PMP PMI certification even got among the 10 hottest courses, and in the year 2014, the PMP was ranked the best valued course in the IT market. As project management is the top skill set necessitated by all recognized organizations everywhere in the world. The PMP exam questions have become more important now a day, than it had been ever before.

Who need to do this certification?

If you really want to stand out and stay ahead among all employees, this PMP preparation course can help you gain the same. Any professional who is in to project management field and is interested to extend their managerial skills, this PMI PMP certification is just the right choice for them. A PMI pmp exam sample question has all knowledge for improving upon the leading skills. You can add the pmp exam preparation course to your list to attain success.


All governmental agencies and also large non-government firms, MNCs, today look for candidates with PMP credentials for their organization, so that they help and restore and improve upon the project success rate. Currently recognized among more than 104 countries in the world, a PMI PMP credential is of a great advantage. In the computational of today, it’s of earnest importance to get recognized in the service industry and to your employer.

Associated exams

The associated exams with the PIM PMP are on project integration management exam, based on the PMP exam prep questions. Sample pmp exam questions would be of a great help to make you prepare for the exam.


The prerequisites to appear and take the credentials of a PMI PMP course would be:

  • In a three year span one should, 4500 hours experience in project management.
  • A four year bachelor’s degree along is a requirement for the same.

Alternatively one can have

  • A secondary degree with 7500 hours of project management experience over a span of 5 years. Along with a registered education course on REP of 35 hours.

Exam over view

The PIM PMP exams usually consist of multiple choice questions of around 200. Where a candidate is measured, graded and marked on 175 questions. The marking are often divided as:

  • 13% on the initialization of the project
  • 24% on planning of the project
  • 30% on the project execution
  • 25% on controlling and monitoring of the project
  • 8% of the project completion.

The proficiency of the exam is based on three sectors, Proficient,Moderately proficient, andbelow proficient.

Validity of certification

To maintain the PMP certification validity, a qualified professional must maintain, 60 (PDUs) or, professional development units which can be earned over a 3-year time span. It can be achieved from activities like speaking on project management or any project management related topics researching, being betrothed in any full-time project management or authoring articles.

Expert Review

Experts say that the PMP exam questions are the best way to set off for the career. Certificate holders can gross PDUs on the way to maintenance their qualification through any official academic courses. According to my experience says examination expert, RK Krishna Kumar, says, we all need preparations for any examinations, be it the exam of school or college or any preparation course. And the examination common questions of study are always helpful. And the PMP exam question helps candidates a lot with the preparation methods.

RK Krishna Kumar,

Examination expert

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