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PMI PMP will introduce you to the project management career

Exam: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

If you are looking for a course that will introduce you to the project management career, it’s PMP. PMP is an acronym for Project management professional. A project manager is certainly the one on whom most of the success of the project relies if not all. Most companies are looking to hire project managers who have qualifications that are up to the mark. Through this examination, the candidate will be tested for the initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project. This makes sure that the candidate has the ability to bring the projects to successful completion. This certification is recognized globally and is sure to enhance your rankings among other employees.

In this time, the demand for project managers is at its peak. PMP certification makes sure that the right candidate is chosen for the job. Having this certification not only provides the project managers with better skills but also an edge over the other regular candidates. According to a reliable source,over 500,000 held PMI certification in 2013.

Who can do this certification?

Unfortunately not everyone is eligible for this certification. To apply for PMP, you must meet anyone of the two conditions. Either have a secondary degree with at least 5 years of experience during which minimum 7500 hours were consumed in leading or directing projects or have a Bachelor’s degree with minimum 3 years of experience during which at least 4500 hours were consumed in leading or directing projects. In both cases, you also must have 35 contact hours of formal education. This certification will be needed by most project managing companies for a better progress.


A professional in project management, the one who can easily handle projects and guarantee their successful completion can easily be recruited by top companies that require these skills. A handsome salary for a professional project manager is well above the range of normal project managers. As the demand for project managers is quite high, therefore jobs are almost guaranteed to someone who has good skills. This certification provides highly skilled people with a ‘professional’ label making it easier for the companies to hire them.

Associated Exam

There are no associated exams that you have to pass before applying for PMP certification. However you must meet the general eligibility criteria.


For the people who are looking to take this exam, one must have prior experience in project management. Other than that the candidate must have a secondary or bachelor’s degree with the required experience as mentioned above. The candidate should be well knowledgeable about how to handle different projects and all the aspects included. They must also have the ability to take the project to successful completion as desired by their employer. On the very least, 3 to 5 years of experience is required of the candidate in leading or directing projects.

Examination Overview

The examination is divided into the following topics:

  1. Initiating the project
  2. Planning the project
  3. Executing the project
  4. Controlling and monitoring the project
  5. Closing the project

By looking at the contents, it is clear that the candidate must have a good know how of project management before appearing in the given exam. Some good PMP study materials to go through before the exam are a must. One of the PMP certification study material, which is most helpful is‘The PMP Exam how to pass on your first try by Andy Crowe’.PMBOK®Guide is also a very helpful PMP certification study material. Only someone well prepared with the help of PMP study material can pass the exam. Not only the knowledge provided in books is required but also the experience gained in project managing is necessary to tackle the tricky questions one may come across in this exam. Both the PMP study material as well as practical observations are a must to pass this exam.

There are no additional materials or assignments that are needed to be submitted for the validation of this exam.

Validity of certification

The PMP certification needs to be maintained as active by participating in the CCR program. The validity of this certification is 3 years. You must meet the requirements of the CCR program before the start of your next 3 years otherwise your certification is suspended.

Expert Review

Weigh in on whether you think earning a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a career booster, or if you believe a better use of time is simply demonstrating delivery.

Andrew Makar,

Security Specialist, GQ Securities Ltd.

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