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Google Certification Exams

Google Exams

Google LLC is an American multinational tech company known for producing services and products related to the internet. In more detail, the talk is about cloud computing, software and hardware, a search engine, as well as online advertising technologies. The company was founded in 1998 in California, by two students called Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company went public in 2004 and now occupies its place among such tech giants as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Google is famed for its products, such as Google Search (search engine), Google Drive (cloud storage), YouTube (video sharing), Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View (mapping and navigation), Google Chrome (web browser), among many. Speaking of the hardware products, Google Pixel (laptops, tablets, smartphones), Google Nest (smart displays, speakers, doorbells, smoke detectors), Fitbit (smartwatches, activity trackers), Google Glass (a wearable computer that works through recognizing natural language voice commands), should be mentioned. It is also worth noting that the company’s website is one of the most visited ones in the world.

Since Google issues various products and services it also offers a wide range of certifications to candidates to equip them with the top-notch skills to work with these products and provide the best services. The variety of the designations by products is the following:

  • Google Ads gives you an opportunity to advertise your business online. The certifications offered in this category include accreditation for beginners Google Ads Display, Google Ads Search, Google Ads – Measurement, Google Ads Video, Shopping ads, and Google Ads Apps certificates.
  • Google Marketing Platform offers intermediate-level certification and exams. In this category, you can choose the exam you need to pass to perform critical tasks. Thus, you can choose from the Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager, Creative, Display & Video 360, and Mobile Experience exams. If you require more advanced knowledge to work with Google Analytics concepts, you can earn the Google Analytics Individual Qualification by passing the samenamed exam.
  • Google My Business- here you can learn how to create listings that will be noticeable to your potential customers when they search online. After passing the Google My Business Basics exam, you will gain the designation, which refers to the beginner-level.
  • Waze Ads is one more product that requires validated knowledge that demonstrates your proficiency in using Waze’s advertising solutions, applying best practices, and making the most of your campaigns. You can earn your Waze certified badge only after passing the Waze Ads Fundamentals Exam.

Google issues certifications for developers. Having gained the necessary skills and knowledge you can be hired in the company you would like to work in or join the project that is essential for you.

  • TensorFlow Developer certificate is of the foundational level, and testifies your basic knowledge of how to integrate machine learning into apps & tools.
  • Associate Android Developer designation is a significant mark on your CV list that proves your skills to perform tasks intended for developers.
  • Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud Engineer certification validates that you are able to monitor operations, deploy apps, and support projects based on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect certification proves that you are skilled in designing, creating, and operating solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. Also, this professional helps organizations implement Google Cloud technologies.
  • Google Cloud Certified-Professional Data Engineer accreditation testifies your expertise in designing machine-learning models on the Google Cloud Platform, as well as your proficiency in building data-processing systems.

Moreover, Google issues the sought-after Cloud designations which fall into the following 3 levels:

  • Foundational certificates are designed for newbies in this sphere, meaning that you can opt for the certification having no hands-on experience with Google Cloud. The designation at this level is a proof that you know the capabilities of Google Cloud and are familiar with cloud concepts, Google Cloud products, tools, services, etc. At this level, you can earn the Cloud Digital Leader certification.
  • Associate certification level is intended for candidates with at least 6 months of experience in building on Google Cloud. The Cloud Engineer certification that you can obtain here testifies your basic skills of deploying, monitoring, and supporting projects based on Google Cloud.
  • Professional certifications are aimed at candidates with at least 3 years of experience in the industry, including one year dedicated to working on Google Cloud. Such certifications assess the skills according to the role chosen. Thus, you can choose a certification from the variety of the following ones intended for Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, Collaboration Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer.

One more group refers to the Cloud certifications, and these are the Looker designations. The group includes only two accreditations, these are Looker Business Analyst and LookML Developer. The only requirement before opting for any of them is having at least 6 months of experience working in Looker.

It should be noted that Google offers professional certifications in the following fields:

  • IT Support: IT Support Certificate (introductory level) and IT Automation with Python Certificate (advanced level) check your skills to troubleshoot issues and help networks as well as computers function smoothly. Intended for IT specialists, system analysts, IT assistants, IT technicians, systems analysts, network engineers, to name a few.
  • Data Analytics: Data Analytics Certificate (entry-level) testifies your skills to collect and work with data to present it to stakeholders in such a way that it would assist in making informed business decisions. Aimed at junior data analysts, finance analysts, marketing analysts, data technicians among many.
  • Project Management: Project Management Certificate (entry-level) validates your ability to organize, manage, and complete projects successfully. It is designed for project managers, project assistants, project coordinators, program managers, project administrators, to name a few.
  • UX Design: UX Design Certificate (entry-level) is intended for candidates who are fond of drawing, thinking creatively, and can understand people. This certification proves that you possess skills to make physical as well as digital products more enjoyable to use. This designation is the perfect option for User experience designers, Interaction designers, Product designers, Visual designers, and UI designers.
  • Android Development: Associate Android Developer certification will help you build a career as an Android app developer, by testifying your skills to build, support, and debug mobile Android-based apps.