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Salesforce Certification Exams

Salesforce Exams

Salesforce is an American company founded in 1999, known for the development of the CRM system with the same name on the SaaS model, as well as enterprise applications needed to automate marketing, customer service, and the development of other applications. Moreover, Salesforce is one of the first companies working with PaaS, SaaS, and cloud computing. Either way, their main goal is to strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers, that’s why it is considered to be a leader in producing the CRM (customer relationship management) products. And, perhaps that's why Salesforce is #2 on the Fortune 100 list of companies to work for in 2021.

Currently headquartered in San Francisco, Salesforce has offices in 25 countries.


Salesforce's flagship product is the Customer 360 platform, which helps connect businesses with customers by unifying internal departments and to improve their work. Thus, sales, marketing, analytics, commerce, and service departments are able to collaborate on a single integrated CRM platform.

What's more, Salesforce offers its customers a variety of products and solutions that can be applied to financial services, healthcare and life sciences, communications, manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods, energy, and philanthropy.

Also of note is Customer 360 Truth, which is a portfolio of add-on products to consolidate customer identity and create a data center. This can also include Customer 360 Data Manager to connect all Salesforce applications and create a profile for each customer and a single global identity.

Certification Program

It should also be noted that Salesforce has developed a top-notch accreditation program with advanced knowledge, skills, and experience related to cloud technology. Therefore, depending on your current role or professional aspirations, you can choose one of the certification paths offered.

Salesforce Administrator track. If your career involves communicating with your stakeholders, defining key requirements, and customizing the Salesforce platform to make the most of it, this program is designed for you. So here, depending on your career goal, you might consider The Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, CPQ Specialist, Platform App Builder, or Marketing Cloud Administrator designations.

Salesforce Architect track. This certification category is designed for those professionals who have a deep comprehension of the key features and functionality of Salesforce products. It is also an excellent way to demonstrate your competencies in modeling the role hierarchy, data model, and related sharing mechanisms. Thus, through a series of designations, you can achieve the ranks of (CTA) Salesforce Certified Technical Architect or Salesforce Certified Solution Architect. This requires you to complete some certifications to determine your specialization - Heroku Architecture Designer, B2B Solution Architect, B2C Solution Architect, Application Architect, B2C Commerce Architect, System Architect, and/or Technical Architect.

Salesforce Developer track. The accreditation path is focused on candidates with sufficient competencies to effectively use the Commerce Cloud to develop various eCommerce solutions as well as the skills and experience to build programmatic and declarative applications on the platform. Therefore, the following certifications are available for you here: B2C Commerce Developer, JavaScript Developer I, Platform Developer I/II, Marketing Cloud Developer, OmniStudio Developer, Industries CPQ Developer, and Platform App Builder.

Salesforce Marketer track. These designations help test and evaluate the specialist's ability to create targeted marketing campaigns to ensure effective customer interactions. This is possible through the Pardot Specialist, Pardot Consultant, Marketing Cloud Developer, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Consultant, and Marketing Cloud Administrator certifications.

Salesforce Consultant track. This qualification program is required for professionals who are associated with the process of implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email app tools, Pardot, and Sales Cloud, as well as consulting clients on Salesforce Communities and Field Service operations. Therefore, to confirm your skills you can get accreditations such as Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant, Experience Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Consultant, OmniStudio Consultant, or Pardot Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, among others.

Salesforce Designer track. Here is one accreditation known as User Experience (UX) Designer, which is aimed at both novice and experienced designers whose professional aspirations involve designing and creating human-based experiences on the Salesforce Platform.