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Earn your PMP cerification

Exam: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is one of the most coveted credential in the field of project management.

As a busy project management professional it can be very difficult to take time out of the job and travel for professional development courses. PMI has a variety of online courses in the offerings.

Online courses offer an affordable and convenient way to develop your project management skills - without having to leave your home or office. No matter what your time schedule, learning style or budget, you can always fulfill your needs even while you are satisfying your personal and professional ones.

PMP certification Training provides placement focused real-time project management training. The PMP certification online training course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the student. The course content and the methods are carefully crafted by PMP certification trainers to achieve the career goal of the trainee.

The PMP project management training program will prepare you for PMP certification examination and placement training.

Who can do this training?

PMP certification training can be taken up by anyone who has experience in leading or managing projects. PMP certification training can be taken up even if the designation of the candidate is not that of a Project Manager.

If a person's work in an organization involves managing project and the person is proficient in handling projects, the person can certainly do the PMP training and then go for the PMP examination to earn the certification.

The PMP certification certifies a person based not on the job title but based on his/her responsibilities.


Majority of the business owners and company executives believe that their company's performance could improve considerably if their employees develop certain key skills. One of the critical skills is project management. PMP Training will not only enhance your marketability but will also give you the flexibility to move across projects, domains or even geography.

PMP training courses from PMI will help you develop these skills, so that you are better prepared for taking your next big step in your career. You might be a skilled professional in using charts or maybe you really excel at traditional project management, but this training could benefit from some new methods whatever your skill level, PMI training can help you become a world-class project management professional.

Associated exams

The candidate has to clear PMP examination to get the PMP certification.


To be eligible for the exam the candidate must have a college degree with 3 years of experience in project management with 4500 hours in leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.

If you don't have a college degree, you should have 5 years of experience in project management with 7500 hours in leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.

Examination Overview

PMP exams cover the five performance domain.

Each domain has tasks and the proficiency in each domain is measured through the PMP examination. The exam has 200 multiple choice questions of which only 175 are marked and the remaining 25 questions are pretest questions which are randomly dispersed throughout the question paper to gather statistical data on the performance of these questions to decide if they can be used in the future exams. The pretest questions do not count for the candidate’s scores.

The candidate needs to correctly answer 106 questions out of 175 (61%) to pass the PMP exam.

PMP exam is supported and can be taken up at any of Prometric testing centers which have a global presence. The exam is generally computer based exam, wherein the candidates take an online test. However, there is an option to take up a paper based test in case there are no Prometric testing centers nearby.

Candidates who take the computer based test get their results immediately after the completion of exam. The candidates who take the paper based test get their results within a month.

Based on the test scores the PMP classifies the candidates into: Proficient, Moderately proficient and below proficient.

The duration of the PMP examination is of 4 hours.

Validity of Certification

The PMP certification expires after 3 years. To keep the certification active the candidate needs to collect 60 Professional development units (PDU) over the3 years.

Expert Review

The PMP certification from the PMI helps in establishing a common language amongst project managers and aids in each other work with an established framework.

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