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PMI PMP certification, more accent on required exams

Certification Overview

The PMI PMP certification is a project management certification which is meant for professionals in this field. These professionals could comprise of any people who are responsible for managing and leading projects. This certification is recognized globally and those who acquire it welcome great benefits in the form of increased salaries or better jobs. In fact, the PMP certification surely improves one’s skills in project management to a great extent.

Who can do this certification?

You can do this certification if you meet all the requirements and are looking forward to enhancing your skills. This certification provides a comprehensive training regarding the process of project management, which means that you can learn some new stuff which will prove to be quite helpful. Moreover, this certification is easy to obtain if you possess the right amount of skills and knowledge. So if you are looking forward to solidify and improve your project management skills, you must consider the PMP certification.


The best benefit provided by the PMP certification is that it improves your worth in the international job market. This would mean greater salaries and higher wages. In fact, if you already work in an organization, you can consider doing this certification to get a promotion to a more professional level. Mostly the people possessing this certification are holding job positions as senior project managers. Moreover, the PMP certification also proves to be quite beneficial for many organizations by providing them professional project managers. The project managers possessing this certification have been reported to work productively and manage projects with ease.

Associated Exam

The PMP certification comes along with just one theoretical exam, which will test the candidate’s knowledge. This exam will deal with all the processes and cycles involved in the project management process. Clearing the PMP exam is the most essential requirement of the PMP certification.


There are some crucial prerequisites which the candidate is supposed to have in order to do this certification. This is because the certification pertains to a professional level. The person doing this certification must possess a 4-year bachelor’s degree in any subject followed by an official 3 year experience in project management. This 3-year experience can be further divided into 4500 hours of professional project management followed by 35 hours of education pertaining to project management. Once you have met these prerequisite requirements, only then will you be able to do the PMP certification.

Examination Overview

There are a total of six topics included in the PMP certification exam. Let us shed some light on these six topics, along with their respective weightages:

  • Initiating – 13%
  • Execution – 30%
  • Monitor and Control – 25%
  • Planning – 24%
  • Closing – 8%

All of these topics should be understood in depth in order to attempt the PMP exam. However, it is important to realize that only studying the topics and understanding them will not be enough; you will have to solve a lot of PMP practice tests to accomplish your goal. There are many things which you can notice while doing a PMP practice exam, which could prove to be quite beneficial. For example, if you of a lot of PMP practice exams you will get to know that most of the questions in the exam will appear from the topics of execution and monitoring and control. Moreover, these practice PMP exam will also give you a deep insight into the type, format and difficulty of various questions so that you can prepare accordingly.

The PMP exam will be a comprehensive 4-hour exam which will comprise of 200 multiple choice questions. For your convenience, you will be graded out of 175 so that even if you get 25 questions wrong, you score will still remain full. There are a lot of free PMP practice exam available at your disposal online, which you can download and start solving for practice. These PMP practice questions will be of great help in determining how good your concepts are and on what topics you need to work the most.

Validity of Certification

This certification will remain valid for the total time of 3 years. After this duration has passed, the certification will become void and will require recertification. The complete procedure for maintaining this certification is available on PMI’s official website.

Expert Review

If you are in the field of project management but have not done the PMP certification, you are missing a golden opportunity. I have seen many people boost their careers by simply doing this one certification. It is not only the worth of this certification, but also the knowledge it provides, which lets one stand out of the crowd.

James White,

Security Manager, Edison IT Solution Ltd., London, UK

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