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PMI PMP certification adds strength to yours resume

Exam: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

PMP certification is an excellent credential to include in a Project Manager’s resume. It is one of the most demanding certification available nowadays. This certification gives professionals expert knowledge and experience on the various concepts of project management. Project management is the systematic approach to various projects through stages of initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing. In order to become certified Project Management professional, the individual’s education and level of experience are judged. Then the individual needs to pass a written PMP exam. PMP certification is a proof that you have the necessary experience, competency and education required to guide and lead large-scale projects. Before taking the PMP exam, candidates must make use of the various PMP exam prep materials, including PMP exam prep course, PMP exam prep exam, etc.

Who need to do this certification?

The PMP certification is best-suited for professionals looks forward to pursue their career in executing and planning projects from the start to end. If you are a Project Manager having several years of experience, then PMP certificate will enhance your skills, increase your earning potential and will make you stand out from the rest. The PMP certification is appropriate for any project manager, despite the type of industry he/she is in.


PMP certification adds strength to a person’s resume. Recruiters now even divide resumes into two groups: those with PMP certification and those without the certification. Some recruiters give PMP certification greater value than master’s degree. PMP certified Project Managers get higher salaries than the others.

Associated Exams

The candidates must pass a written PMP exam in order to receive the PMP credential. The candidate must also complete PMP exam training of 35 hours.


Following are the prerequisites for obtaining the PMP certification:

For both categories of candidates, 35 hour PMP training program is mandatory before appearing for the PMP exam. The candidates must also adhere to the PMI code of conduct.

The candidate is required to appear for the PMP exam within one year of taking the PMP exam training program. In this one year, the candidate can attempt for the PMP exam at most three times.

Examination Overview

The following stages of project management are covered in the PMP exam:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Project Closing

Project Managers must have excellent problem solving and critical thinking ability, time management skills, organizational skills and communication skills. Project Managers are involved in executing, controlling and monitoring projects; developing budget and cost estimation, managing team, ensuring quality and managing risks.

Various PMP exam prep tools are available in the market to aid in the preparation of PMP exam. These PMP exam prep tools will give the candidate confidence while taking the PMP exam. The PMP exam prep tools use various PMP exam questions to make candidates familiarize with the actual exam. PMP exam prep online tests are also very useful in preparing for the PMP exam. PMP exam prep online can help those people who wants to cut off travel time participate in training courses. PMP exam prep guides and PMP exam dumps can help you get a better score in the PMP exam. PMP exam prep courses are also available. Information regarding PMP exam prep courses can be found in PMP exam prep PDF information guide. The PMP exam simulators and PMP exam sample questions are a good way to find out how well prepared you are for the exam. Rule of thumb is that if you can answer at least 85% of the sample questions correctly on your first attempt, then you are ready for taking the PMP certification exam.

Validity of Certification

PMP certified professionals need to get 60 PDUs every three year for the PMP certification to remain valid. PDUs can be in the form of researching, project management related article writing, lecturing, taking part in PMP training program or being involved in project management activities.

Expert Review

Having an understanding of an accepted project management framework gives me the opportunity to speak with and communicate with clients and vendors on a level playing field.

David Wakeman,

PMP certified Project Manager, Board of Directors at the Employment Support Center

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