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Type 1 ITIL certifications

Vendor: ITIL

Certification Overview

ITIL certification is a now a renowned credential in the world of Service Management of IT. This certification lets professionals understand the change, grown and transformation in business with the use of IT. ITIL certification supports outcome of a business, allows changes to happen inside the business, enhances customer experience, gives good value for money and allows for continuous improvement. This certification uses industry best practices and is continuously evolving. ITIL has four levels of qualification: foundation level, intermediate level, expert level, and master level.

Who need to do this certification?

This certification is preferred for those who want work in the field of business service management. The following job roles are best suited for ITIL certified professionals:

  • IT Change Manager
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Help Desk Manager
  • IT Operations Service Analyst
  • Change Coordinator
  • Configuration Analyst
  • Problem Manager


ITIL certification is extremely important for businesses. It allows businesses to quantify and show the actual worth of the service provided; support consumption and promotion of business services; confirms that customers remain unaffected due to sudden failure of services and reduces disruption of services. Like businesses, professionals can also gain a lot from this ITIL certification. They can have new ideas and solutions which they can use in the workplace for better outcomes in line with customer’s needs. They can become a part of global community and take suggestions and advice from other ITIL certified professionals. This credential is highly recognized in the global IT industry. This certification differentiates you from others and your resume will become more attractive. Being ITIL certified will give you a better career growth.

Associated Exams

The candidates must pass a written exam in order to be ITIL certified. ITIL Foundation certification acts as a prerequisite for the Certified Integrator programs on Cloud Services and Service Projects.


The ITIL certification has no official prerequisite. Experienced professionals, though, will have an edge over the inexperienced professionals. For expert level and master level certifications, at least five years experience in senior management position is necessary.

Examination Overview

The ITIL Foundation course tests the candidate’s knowledge of the ITIL framework and understands how it can help to increase service management quality of IT inside the organization. The following topics are included in the ITIL foundation exam:

  • Management of Services: candidates must understand the service concept and service management..
  • Lifecycle of Services: candidates need to know the ITIL Service Lifecycle value, integration of processes, understand the objectives of business value.
  • Important models and principles: candidates must understand the important models and principles of service management.
  • Specified processes, roles and functions: candidates must have the knowledge on the various processes of service management, understand service desk’s organizational structure, etc.
  • Architecture and technology: candidates must know how automation of service helps processes of service management.
  • Training and Competence: candidates must demonstrate their skills on service management.

The ITIL Intermediate certification course concentrates on the strategy, transition, operation, and design of services and their continuous improvement. The ITIL Expert certification and ITIL Master Certification are for senior managers having at least five years of work experience.

ITIL books are the best resource in order to prepare for the ITIL certification. More specifically, ITIL v3 books are suitable for today’s ITIL exams. For the ITIL Foundation certification, ITIL foundation book is appropriate, more specifically the ITIL v3 foundation book which includes the recent updates of the exam structure and topics. ITIL foundation books are available both in the market and online. ITIL v3 books can be found as PDFs and other downloadable forms as well. The ITIL books pdfs are portable and so are very useful when you are using multiple computers. However, the ITIL books pdfs buyers don’t receive the exam updates automatically. ITIL books download method is very easy and anyone can do it from anywhere. ITIL certification books include everything a candidate need for the exam. Other than the ITIL book or ITIL v3 book, candidates can also get help from video tutorials which are easily accessible online.

Validity of Certification

ITIL certification remains valid for indefinitely. That is, once you appear for the exam, it will remain valid for a life time and you won’t need to do any recertification.

Expert Review

ITIL certification is considered the industry standard for ITSM. ITSM’s delivery model is dependent on the ITIL framework.

Laura Jay,

Managed Operations Delivery Assurance, ATOS