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ITIL certifications, more accent on required exam

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Certification Overview

The ITIL certification exam is a renowned credential for IT Service Management. The main strength of this certification is that it is a conglomerate of best practices gathered from business and public sectors. The ITIL framework is most appropriate for companies that are involved with using, supplying or supporting various IT services. ITIL certification helps professionals to gain knowledge and skills required to successfully set a management processes in an organization. Companies that work in accordance with the ITIL take use of the total ITIL exam package for training employees according to job roles. These skills let the employees perform better. ITIL makes sure that services related to IT are matched with the respective business needs. It acts as a guide to allow transformation, change and growth comfortably.

ITIL framework is in place in many renowned organizations like NASA, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Shell, HSBC, The Walt Disney Company, etc.

Who need to do this certification?

If you are a Business Manager, IT Professional or Business Process Owner in a company which works on ITIL framework, then the ITIL certification is suitable for you. It is also appropriate for those individuals who want to be knowledgeable on the field of ITIL framework. Passing the ITIL exam qualifies individuals for the following job roles:

  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Help Desk Manager
  • Change Coordinator
  • Problem Manager


ITIL certification makes professionals knowledgeable and skilled in operating under ITIL infrastructure. The quality of their performance increases, as a result, companies get better return. They are able to perform task without much risk and without incurring much cost. These professionals are trained to make business services adaptable to change and also bring in changes inside the business when needed. They are more customer-focused and value customer feedback. As a result, increase in customer satisfaction can be evident. The ITIL certified professionals become part of a worldwide network. This keeps them updated with new approaches to service management. These professionals are highly demanding in the current IT market.

Associated Exams

A written exam must be passed in order to fulfil the requirements of ITIL certification.


There are no official prerequisites for attempting the ITIL exams. For the foundation level certification, experience is not mandatory. But for the higher level certifications, candidates must have related work experience of about three to five years. However, training with a certified training institute is advisable.

Examination Overview

The ITIL certification is available in entry level, intermediate level, expert level and master level. The ITIL foundation exams create the ground for higher certifications in IT Service Management. In the ITIL exam or the recent ITIL v3 exam, candidates are judged on the understanding of the following topics:

  • Service management
  • Lifecycle of ITIL service
  • Common definitions and concepts
  • Various models and principles
  • Specified processes
  • Specified roles functions
  • Specified functions
  • Structural design and technology
  • Measuring skill and providing training

The ITIL foundation exam or the ITIL foundation v3 exam tests whether the candidate has complete understanding of the common concepts and major principles of ITIL practices related to service management. The candidates must complete all the units of the exam and pass the exams successfully in order to attain the ITIL certification.

The primary method of preparing for the ITIL exams is studying the ITIL book thoroughly. ITIL exam questions can be found in these books and study guides, including the ITIL foundation exam questions, or the recent ITIL v3 foundation exam questions. Going through the ITIL sample exam found in the books will make the candidate understand what the actual ITIL exam will be like. In these books you will also find ITIL foundation practice exam and ITIL v3 exam questions. The books also contain tips and suggestions of how to do well in the ITIL practical exam. ITIL exam dumps, more specifically, ITIL foundation exam dumps are another good resource for preparing for the exam. ITIL online exam is also available which the candidates can practice before appearing in the actual ITIL exam.

Validity of Certification

There is no validation period for the ITIL certification. Once a candidate achieves this certification, he doesn’t need to appear in the ITIL exam again to continue the validity of the certification. Passing this certification once becomes a life time achievement.

Expert Review

ITIL v3 is a best practice framework for IT Service Management that is being adopted by IT departments around the world.

Sam Grier,

ITIL certified