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ITIL certifications, more accent on existing training methods

Vendor: ITIL

Certification overview

In recent years, the ITIL is recognized globally as an IT management certification. In that ITIL foundation is the entry or base level certification in the IT sector. There are different methods of ITIL training involved to achieve any certification. The ITIL certified professional can gain the ability to implement their best practices in the IT service management that leads to business growth and success. The candidate needs to start with the ITIL foundation training and then to the next level of training after passing the respective exams. The world of the ITIL certification training is trending now. Online ITIl training becoming faster and effective for the complete preparation. In this Era, the ITIl training and its preparation is mainly fueled by the various online training options. The prompt training is enough to gain sufficient knowledge as well as succeed in the ITIL certification.

Who need to do this certification?

As the ITIL foundation is very important in the IT sector, anyone who like to improve their knowledge can do this certification. It is also ideal to get ITIL training courses for service delivery professionals, operation manager, production support engineers, quality analysts, architecture and IT professionals.

The ITIL training courses can be apt for individuals who is working in IT industry and who like to go ahead in their own IT field.


Anyone proposed to get a higher level of certification in the IT field, then they need to take the ITIl foundation exam first. Proper ITIL training online helps the candidate in an effective way by covering all the essential topics in a single place. This online training helps the candidate to implement and understand the techniques. The standard and practices given in the training session help the organizations in assisting IT services, improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, increases productivity and much more. In fact, according to a survey on salary, ITIL certifications is mainly listed in the top paying certification in the last year. The ITIL training can be given either by online or offline also. Virtual classes are also available for the candidates who like to take experience real classroom experience at their own place.

Associated exams

ITIL foundation is the basics of the ITIL certification in the single training ITIL exam and it is the level where newbies begin the learning stage and become ITIl certified. After successful passing in the Foundation level, then ITIL intermediate training also available in the online as well as offline resources.


There are no particular prerequisites needed to attain the ITIL foundation certification. When you planned to move on to the next level like intermediate, expert and master level certification, the foundation certification will act as a required prerequisite.

Just enough knowledge in the information technology and some work experience is just recommended.

Exam Overview

The ITIl foundation training topics include:

  1. ITIL introduction
  2. Best practice of the IT service management
  3. Service lifecycle
  4. Generic concepts, roles, functions
  5. Service design, transition and operation
  6. Continual service improvement

At the end of the ITIL v3 foundation training, the candidate can able to perform their routine tasks in a better and easy way. Professionals can gain service lifecycle and other process knowledge which is required to lead the business through ITIL v3.

ITIL training and certification offered by the institution in different methods. Based on the candidate needs and requirements, you can choose the mode of training to ace the final exam.

ITIL expert training is available in self placed type online course, publications, instructor led distance learning, self study resources and also an instructor led classroom. The variety of ITIL video training offered by the organizations ensures success who are interested in learning IT framework and ITIL certified.

Validity of certification

The ITIL certification is valid until any new arrival of version. Currently version 3 is available and version 2 is expired certification. It is the lifetime valid certification, which is intended for the IT professionals.

Expert review

As an IT manager, I felt that the ITIL online training is remarkable to succeed in the ITIL foundation certification. I never thought, it could be easier to ace the final exam within 1 month. ITIL training on the necessary topics provides me enough skills to succeed and sustain my career. By taking proper training, to be very frank, I passed the foundation certification over one month with a great score. The techniques and methods that I learned from the resources would have been helped greatly while implementing in my daily basis work. Anyone like to get ITIL certified professional, then ITIL v3 training make you win the employment race.

Edward Chung,

Support management management, Matsco solutions