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ITIL certifications

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Certification overview

Information technology Infrastructure Library also known as the ITIL is a professional certification on the Information technology management. The ITIL v3 certification is the 3rd version of this management certification. The ITIL certification Foundation or the ITIL Change management is globally recognized as one of the most useful and prestigious certification for any individual interested in furthering his or her knowledge on IT management. The ITIL V3 certification Foundation certification has mainly 5 volumes, and each volume has a different field of course materials, and outlook.

The ITIL Foundation certification deals with checklist, processes, and overviews, channels, which are actually not specific to the company, but is used and implemented by various organizations for the best use of the resources.

The Certification ITIL Foundation certification originally started as a collection of books, dealing with the various subjects of information technology management services. And then with gradual rising acceptance among various countries, the ITIL Foundation certification volumes rose up to 30, with various tentacles of IT services ITIL V3 Foundations certification can be achieved through any licensed institute, and is a much looked about for the big organization.

Who need to do this certification?

The ITIL Foundation certification is a requirement for the entire information technology professional, who are willing to extend their knowledge on the ITIL V3 Foundation certification, and the various procedures by which it is implemented in the organizations. It can be done by a quality analyst, by a support engineer, or by the operation managers. It can also be done by any individual who are already working in a professional network and would like to include the ITIL in their job field, so that he understands the contribution of the ITIL Foundation certification towards the IT service industry.


Any information technology management candidate with the ITIL training will be on the highest priority while organization recruitment. All large IT companies, like Dell, HP, and Fuji film, Wipro seeks for individual with the itil service management certification. After the completion of the itil framework can help any professional would be gain the knowledge on, the following basics:

  • Improvement of IT productivity
  • Improvement on customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of Information technology cost, and its effects
  • Improvement of IT productivity.

Associated exams

There are usually 40 multiple choice questions for the ITIL foundation exam, to be answered from. The required percentage to pass is 65, which is a correct answer for 26 questions. It’s a closed book, examination of 60 minutes.


The itil v3 processes foundation certification exam doesn’t require any prerequisites as such, but any professional having a flare to study on the various subjects of IT services can join for the certification. Since the foundation level is the first level of itil v3 foundation certification exam prerequisites are not followed. But it would be preferred if any personnel who is working in any organization, and is looking after the IT services would be preferred.

Exam over view

The ITIL V3 pdf can be downloaded online, for the following topics.

The ITIL courses relate 4 stages:

  • The ITIL foundation level
  • The ITIL intermediate level
  • Expert level
  • Master level.

The exam mainly covers 40 questions under some IT service topics, like the

  • ITIL service strategy and ITIL problem management: which deals with the principals of service management, service lifecycle and business goals.
  • ITIL service design: it focuses on the IT policy documentations and their maintenances in the itil foundation v3 certification
  • ITIL service operations: it highlights the knowledge on the control process and delivery status based on the service delivery selections.
  • ITIL service management transitions: focuses on the roles of the service transitions on the business environment.
  • ITIL improvements: this portion of the certification deals with the highlights of the ITIL service policies improvements and its way of implementation in the development of the business strategies in the organizations. It is one of the vital parts of the ITIL foundation V3 certification foundation certification exam overview. Also available as ITIL pdf. Since the whole motive of the certification deals with the service improvements and implementation.

Validity of certification

There is no definite validity period for the ITIL certification foundation certification, ones it is acquired it would be valid for life time.

Expert review

The ITIL 2011 is the beginning of a new era in the world of certification domain. The ITIL exam and the ITIL process enhancement, is one of the most important, for all professional going for this certification. And the ITIL certification cost is worth the dollars.

Jesse Revel,

Director, JR IT