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ITIL: Build Your Career

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Certification overview

The ITIL certifications are identified as the most important credentials for all the IT profession who intend to deliver the best services at the required cost. With the relevant skills and knowledge, the professionals are able to work more proficiently in order to meet their set targets without any difficulties. In addition, the certifications act as overview of the actual operation of the IT organizations in the long run.

ITIL certifications are also regarded as the best option for upcoming and newly developed IT organizations and companies.

Who can do this certification?

The certification best suits the individuals who intend to perfect their skills and knowledge in ITIL service management. Moreover, certain IT organizations have adopted the ITIL framework and therefore require all the employees to have a basic understanding of the modes of operation and the delivery of the best services. It is also meant for all business managers, business pace setters, team leaders, Security managers, Architectures and most of the executive officers who are tasked with ITIL service management functions.


The ITIL certifications are important because they ensure one acquires the expertise required in the implementation and the delivery of better services. In addition organizations that have adopted and adapted ITIL have numerous positive results. The ability to deliver on time for instance is one of the common benefits. There is also increased productivity and ITIL service management is always intact. In addition ITIL ensures that there is improved resource utilization in the organizations. This has promoted customer satisfaction within the organization. The employees are able to detect any defaults before they actually occur and the end result is that they are able to deliver services more efficiently. The certifications ensure that the organizations work within the laid down budgets and that the implemented strategies are upheld at all cost. ITIL ensures that the operations are carried out in the most effective way hence reducing costs incurred by the organizations. Generally, ITIL Certifications ensure that the best results are always achieved.

Associated exams

It is advantageous to opt for the ITIL certification since the candidates have the option of sitting for other exams. The candidates can sit for the PMP exam that ensures that they understand the service managerial procedures in a simpler context. The Information Technology ITIL Service Management exam is also important because the candidates are tested on the lifecycle of the ITIL service management processes.


  • There are no prior requirements for the individuals interested in the ITIL Foundation certification.
  • Moreover as one advances to the next level, there are important requirements that include a valid ITIL Foundation certification for the ITIL Intermediate certification
  • Enough experience in the field. The purpose of the experience is to ensure that the candidates familiarize themselves and obtain a basic understanding of the contents of the syllabus.

Examination overview

The candidates are required to fully understand all the contents of the syllabus before sitting for the actual exams. With the correct resources and proper practice, chances of passing the ITIL exams and obtaining the required credential are usually high. The candidates can therefore practice lots of questions that are available online to identify their weak areas and perfect on them before tackling the actual exams.

The ITIL Foundation exam for instance covers the following nine topics:

  1. ITIL Service management usually as a practice
  2. The ITIL service lifecycle
  3. Generic concepts and its definitions
  4. Key principles and models
  5. Selected processes
  6. Selected functions
  7. Selected roles
  8. Technology and architecture
  9. Competence and training

Validity of certification

All the ITIL certifications are valid for a period of three years. The holders are therefore required to renew the certification before the period elapses. This can be done by sitting for the latest exam in the category or they can also opt for other advanced levels of the ITIL certifications. The importance of renewing the ITIL certification is to ensure that they are always informed on the advancement of IT services and other managerial processes.

Expert review

The ITIL Expert certification gave me the opportunity of holding the most dignified position at my work place. In addition it enabled me acquire other certification at ease. The ITIL certification is generally advantageous because they lay down the appropriate platform that ensures the best is achieved at the lowest possible cost. I also use the knowledge that I have to educate the beginners in the field and this has internally improved the technical skills and knowledge that I initially acquired.

Mark Milton,

director, Peoples’ service company, Goodwill, California, USA