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ITIL Certifications overview

Vendor: ITIL

Certification overview

ITIL is identified as one of the best approach that ensures there is proper delivery of IT services and better management of specialized services that mainly focus on functions, capabilities and some organizational functions. The ITIL framework ensures that IT organizations acquire the relevant approaches that ensure there is proper utilization of resources that satisfy all the customers’ needs in a cost effective manner. Moreover the ITIL framework ensures that all the services are carried out within the targeted budget and it also provides diversified sources of best practices that include proprietary knowledge, best industrial practice, training and educational research. In order to attain the certification, it is important to understand the ITIL framework.

The ITIL framework is made of the following main concepts: the business and the technology. These two core components ensure that there is existence of a workable ITIL organization. Within the two components there are other sub components that exist and they include the business perspective, the ICT infrastructure whose main function is to ensure there is existence of securityservice management which in turn promotes service delivery and service support.

Who need to do this certification?

The ITIL certifications are best suited for the following dignitaries: managers, supervisory staff, team leaders, designers, architectures IT security managers and probably any individual who is interested in gaining knowledge on the conceptual framework and operation of a perfect ITIL system.


The framework ensures there is proper utilization of the metrics. This is simply done by measuring performance of the organization and the level of customer satisfaction.

The benefits of the ITIL framework are quite evident in organizations that have adopted the system. There is improved service delivery, the quality of the service is usually rated highly and in turn there is massive customer satisfaction. In addition, the framework critically explains resource utilization whereby organizations that use the ITIL framework works within the set budget without any difficulties.

The provision of detailed information ensures that the correct processes are implemented and the correct functions are well served within the management processes. Thus, the ITIL framework is considered as an integral part of the service development process.

Associated Exams

Candidates have the option of sitting for the ITSM exam that validates skills and knowledge with regards to IT service management.


There are no prior requirements for those who intend to take the ITIL Foundation certification. Moreover as one advances to higher levels like the ITIL intermediate level, they require the ITIL Foundation certification as pre requisite. In addition an individual is required to have prior knowledge of the basic concepts of the ITIL framework.

The importance of these requirements is to ensure an individual attains the required skills and knowledge before advancing to higher levels. It is also fundamental to the organizations that have adopted and always implement the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Examination overview

The ITIL Framework helps candidates prepare for the certification exam. It provides the candidates with the required lineup to be followed in order to come up with the perfect end result.

The ITIL Framework

It is mainly composed of two key features: Functions and their corresponding processes that are divided into seven and the candidates are required to fully understand them.

  1. Service strategy - it consists of financial management, service portfolio management, demand management and strategy operation
  2. Service design - deals with service level management, availability management, capacity management, continuity management, information security, service catalogue and supplier management.
  3. Service transition- specializes in configuration management, release, transition and planning management, service validation and relevant testing techniques, knowledge management and the appropriate evaluation techniques.
  4. Service operation - requires candidates to understand request fulfillment, access management, problem management and all situations that require incident management.
  5. Continual service improvement - requires candidates to briefly explain the steps undertaken in order to improve the service management processes.

The exam also requires the candidates to understand the technical and the IT operation strategies that ensure there is proper management of the IT services.

Validity of certification

The ITIL certificate is valid for a period of three years. The recertification policy is to sit for the latest ITIL exams in order to renew your status.

Expert review

I fully understand the ITIL framework and this has given me the opportunity of making the best decisions in my entire life. The ITIL Framework is lengthy but advantageous at the same time and leads to swift operation and proper delivery of the most important services. I use the different techniques in my daily life and the end results have been so wonderful.

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