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Nokia Certification Exams

Nokia Certifications

Nokia Exams

  • 4A0-100 - Nokia Scalable IP Networks
  • 4A0-102 - Nokia Border Gateway Protocol
  • 4A0-103 - Nokia Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • 4A0-104 - Nokia Services Architecture
  • 4A0-105 - Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services
  • 4A0-106 - Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks
  • 4A0-107 - Nokia Quality of Service
  • 4A0-108 - Nokia Multicast Protocols
  • 4A0-111 - Nokia Network and Service Router Security
  • 4A0-114 - Nokia Border Gateway Protocol Fundamentals for Services
  • 4A0-115 - Nokia Ethernet Virtual Private Network Services
  • 4A0-116 - Nokia Segment Routing
  • 4A0-205 - Nokia Optical Networking Fundamentals
  • 4A0-AI1 - Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Composite Exam
  • 4A0-C02 - Nokia SRA Composite Exam
  • 4A0-M02 - Nokia Mobile Gateways
  • 4A0-M03 - Nokia Mobility Manager
  • 4A0-M05 - Nokia Cloud Packet Core
  • 4A0-M10 - Nokia 5G Packet Core Architecture
  • BL0-100 - Nokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G Foundation Exam
  • BL0-220 - Nokia Bell Labs Distributed Cloud Networks

Nokia Corporation, simply referred to as Nokia, is a Finnish multinational company founded in 1865 as a pulp mill. It is now known in the market as a leading supplier of consumer electronics, information technology, and telecommunications products.

The headquarters of this public limited company is located in Espoo, Finland. However, Nokia offices are scattered around the world, in more than 100 countries, with a total of 92 thousand employees.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Nokia technologies is cell phones. However, it should be taken into account that Nokia Corporation is currently divided into two key business groups plus several subsidiaries and affiliates.

For example, Nokia Networks, as the largest division of Nokia, specializes in telecommunications equipment and data networks. It is the largest vendor after Cisco and Huawei engaged in fixed and wireless network infrastructure services, as well as network service platforms.

Nokia Technologies, meanwhile, is a division whose business area covers the development of consumer products. Particular emphasis is placed on sensing, material and power management, imaging, and wireless communication.

Nokia also operates through Nokia Bell Labs (R&D activities), NGP Capital (mobile technology, IoT development, and investment activities), Nuage Networks (software-defined network solutions), and Alcatel Mobile (cell phone manufacturing), among others.


Nokia is also committed to comprehensive training for professionals using their advanced technology. That's why this vendor offers a number of globally recognized accreditation programs to enhance your professional reputation.

  • Nokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G accreditation track for professionals seeking to harness the full potential of 5G technology. The certifications available on this track include the associate-level and professional level. The first one is known as the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Associate designation (tests key 5G concepts, frameworks, and fundamental principles). The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Professional level comprises several certfications in various areas such as 5G Networking, Distributed Cloud Networks, Industrial Automation Networks, 5G Secured Networks, and Network Slicing which is coming soon.
  • 5G RAN accreditation track targets 5G RAN planning, support, and optimization specialists. And, depending on the level of experience, candidates can choose Nokia 5G RAN Certification Professional, Nokia 5G RAN Certification Expert, and Nokia 5G RAN Certification Specialist designations.
  • Cloud Packet Core (CPC) accreditation track covers the practical skills in implementing new technologies (5G), best practices, needed by engineers and mobile industry professionals to apply Nokia’s Cloud Packet Core end-to-end solution. For this, applicants are offered the Nokia Cloud Packet Core Expert qualification.
  • Data Center Fabric accreditation track designed for candidates wishing to enhance their skills in operating and designing the latest generation of data centers. This program supports the Nokia Data Center Fabric solution through the use of Fabric Services System and SR Linux. And all of this knowledge will be validated with the appropriate entry-level Nokia Certified Data Center Fabric Professional qualification.
  • Optical Network accreditation track focuses on the candidate experience in the design, management, implementation, and maintenance of optical networks, such as Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and Network Functions Manager for Transport (NFM-T). The certifications offered in this program will suit network professionals capable of proving their competencies as Nokia Optical Network Professional, Nokia Optical Network Services Expert, Nokia Optical Network Design Expert, and Nokia Optical Network Architect. In each case, you will be required to take a written exam through the Pearson VUE platform and a practical exam at a specific Nokia institution.
  • Service Routing accreditation track will confirm candidates' skills and attributes to help them work with advanced IP networks and service environments. As a result, the Nokia Certified Network Routing Specialist I, Nokia Certified Network Routing Specialist II and Nokia Certified Service Routing Architect qualifications are available to motivated specialists.

Finally, the Nuage Networks Virtuoso Certification Program is designed for comprehensive training and certification of professionals whose activities are related to SD-WAN and the data center deployment process. Depending on the level of expertise technology used, candidates can validate their expertise through the following designations:

  • NNV (Nuage Networks Virtuoso)
  • NNIS (Nuage Networks Virtual Services Platform Installation Specialist)
  • NNP SD-DC (Nuage Networks Professional – Software Defined Datacenter)
  • NNP SD-WAN (Nuage Networks Professional – Software Defined WAN)
  • NNE SD-DC (Nuage Networks Expert – Software Defined Datacenter)
  • NNE SD-WAN (Nuage Networks Expert – Software Defined WAN)