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Genesys Certification Exams

Genesys Certifications

  • GCP-GC - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional
  • GCP8-CVP - Voice Platform 8 Consultant

Genesys Exams

  • CIC-101-01 - CIC Core - PureConnect
  • GCP-GC-ADM - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Contact Center Admin
  • GCP-GC-ARC - Genesys Cloud Architect Certified Specialist
  • GCP-GC-IMP - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional - Implementation
  • GCP-GC-REP - Genesys Cloud Certified Professional – Reporting and Analytics
  • GCP-GCX - Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional - Consolidated
  • GE0-803 - GCP8-System Consultant Voice Platform
  • GE0-806 - GCP8-System Consultant, Genesys WFM
  • GE0-807 - Genesys Certified Professional 8 - System Consultant, Outbound Voice

Genesys, also known as Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. is an American-based company actively engaged in supplying various call center technologies to medium and large businesses. Moreover, the company also sells hybrid cloud and cloud-based software. In other words, it is a world leader in cloud solutions designed for contact centers and customer service.

Genesys was founded in 1990, and now, after over 30 years, they have a presence in more than 100 countries and 5,500 employees.


As already noted, Genesys is a global leader in cloud-based customer experience orchestration, delivering remarkable interactions using cloud technology, digital technology, and artificial intelligence.

Thus, in the IT market you can find the following products revealing numerous possibilities for interaction with employees, customers, and partners:

  • Genesys Cloud CX is a platform designed for effective customer interaction via email, phone, social media, and messengers.
  • Genesys Multicloud CX platform is intended to execute specific customer interaction cycles based on large-scale personalized experiences.
  • Genesys DX to provide customers with a self-service experience through an artificial intelligence-based platform.

At the same time, Genesys offers a number of effective solutions to serve customers through a personalized approach, to improve communication within small businesses, to promote marketing strategies, and to increase transactions and sales.

Certification Program

Given its broad portfolio of products and solutions, Genesys is interested in quality training and certification for its employees, partners, and customers. For this reason, a comprehensive accreditation program has been developed for different technology areas.

Genesys Cloud certification program is designed for Genesys partners who, as part of a partner program, must be certified at the Professional or Developer level, which are fundamental to effective implementation of Genesys cloud solutions. The cloud designations are valid for 2 years. As for the paths contained in this group they are the following ones:

  • GCA-GC (Genesys Cloud Certified Associate) is an entry-level accreditation that is available to everyone and is no longer a prerequisite for higher-level certifications in this program. The appropriate exam can be taken until January 31, 2022, but the qualification earned will still be valid for the next two years.
  • GCP-GC (Genesys Cloud Certified Professional) accreditation is available to candidates after proving their strong skills related to implementation, contact center administration, as well as reporting and analytics. Consequently, applicants will need to pass 3 relevant qualifying exams.
  • GCD-GC (Genesys Cloud Certified Developer) accreditation path that also involves taking 3 formal tests. The first two will verify the candidate's competencies in contact center administration and cloud technology implementation. The third exam will validate the test taker's ability to perform the duties of a developer.
  • GCP-GC-R (Genesys Cloud Certified Professional Recertification) accreditation is required for GCP-GC certified individuals to renew their existing certificates.
  • GCS-GC (Genesys Cloud Certified Specialist) accreditation path will only be available if you have an active GCD-GC or GCP-GC certificate. By doing so, you will have a sufficient base to obtain the following qualifications: Genesys Cloud Outbound Dialer Certified Specialist, Genesys Cloud Quality Management Certified Specialist, Genesys Cloud Scripting Certified Specialist, Genesys Cloud Workforce Management Certified Specialist, or Genesys Cloud Architect Certified Specialist.

PureConnect qualification program designed for partners who must be officially certified by Genesys as part of a partner program. The obtained certificates are valid for 3 years. The designations offered are the following ones:

  • ICCE (Interaction Center Certified Engineer)
  • Interaction Center Core Specialist, designed only for customers
  • IDCE (Interaction Dialer Certified Engineer)
  • ICHD (Interaction Center Handler Developer)

Genesys Engage is an accreditation program that offers a range of key professional qualifications and more specialized designations.

Core: Genesys Certified Professional

  • SIP Server 8 Consultant
  • Voice Platform 8.5 Consultant
  • Inbound Voice 8.5 Consultant

Specialization: Genesys Certified Professional

  • E-Services 8.5 Consultant
  • Interaction Recording 8.5 Consultant
  • Workforce Management 8.5 Consultant

Genesys Certified Developer

  • Composer Routing 8.1 Developer
  • Platform SDK 8.5 Developer

Specialization: Genesys Certified Support

  • CIM 8 Troubleshooting Support