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Six Sigma certifications - for your career

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Certification overview

Lean Six-Sigma is a method that depends on a mutual team effort in order to enhance the performance through analytically removing waste. Lean Six-Sigma uses the DMAIC technique as similar to the Six-Sigma. The Lean Six-Sigma is divided into various belts that are white, yellow, green, black and master black belt as same as karate. Since that time this technique has become a part of many leading and multinational companies. It is counted as very important part of the management strategy.

By gaining the certification of this technique the candidate achieves greater success in various industries and sectors. The candidate with this certification will be able to improve the quality of process by recognizing and removing the reasons of errors. The candidate with this certification will also be able to minimize changeability in both business as well as manufacturing procedures.

Who need to do this certification?

The Lean Six-sigma training is designed for the following candidates:

  • Team leaders, Project managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Practitioners, Software professionals, Senior Management, and Software Quality Assurance team associates.
  • Management teams from organization that intend to execute and perform Six-Sigma.
  • The candidates that want to achieve certification in the Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt training.
  • Future managers involving management students.
  • Any other expert associates that are carrying out research, improvement or consulting in procedure of development practices.


There are many benefits of Lean Six-Sigma for both individual as well as organizations as follows:

  • The Lean six-sigma credentials are renowned at international level so the candidates with this certification can easily get the dream job they were looking at the management level.
  • It enhances the understanding as well as awareness
  • Improves the professional capability through the Lean Six-Sigma techniques and practices
  • The candidate with this certification achieve enough of knowledge of Lean Six-Sigma to be capable of working efficiently with a team or as a part of a team or process development team
  • Allows candidates to employ the Six-sigma ideology as well as techniques to decrease process dissimilarity and develop consistency along with quality
  • Adds up to the continuous improvement as professional development

Associated exams

With each belt certificate, there is that belt exam required to be taken. Apart from this, there are no special associated exams. Each belt exam can be taken individually, regardless of other belts and their exams.


Lean Six-Sigma does not need any pre-basic, any specific training or any proof of work project. Still training with a recognized training organization is strongly suggested.

Exam over view

There is no information, particularly on Lean Six Sigma training, but still there is information on training related to lean six sigma that is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

For Lean Six Sigma training of Yellow Belt, the training program offers both ways that are online as well as classroom format. The classroom format of training last for 5 days and the information on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts is conveyed to the candidate through the interactive actions such as lecture, individual as well as group exercise, tool and process simulations. Whereas in online format, it's taken through the online training through e-learning module that last for 6monmths based on the speed of candidate with 14 hours of instruction.

Like the earlier training program, the training program for lean Six Sigma Green Belt training also takes place in both classroom as well as online format. The classroom format training last for 10 days with two 5-day sessions. In this format, the candidates and the mentors go through the innovative lecture and other activities like tool and process simulations, individual as well as group exercise. On the other hand, the online format for training is taken through the online e-learning system. In this interaction, the mentor and candidate can have communication in between via phone, email or text message. This training format lasts for 60 months with 90 hours of instruction.

The training for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program is also accessible in online as well as classroom format. The classroom format last for total five weeks, with one complete week each month for a further five months. On the other hand, the online training format last for 1 year with own speed learning with total 180 hours of consultation from professional through various means.

Validity of certification

The certification of Lean Six-Sigma is valid for the lifetime so that candidate can carry on with their further ladder programs in the future.

Expert review

The candidates that are looking for, making a breakthrough in the management position, the certification of lean six-sigma is very important. Candidate can also take help of Lean Six Sigma training online in order to prepare for the examination. After achieving this certification successfully, the candidate will get more career options with high-paid salaries.