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Six Sigma certifications

Certification overview

Ultimately, six sigma is the professional way to upgrade the knowledge and skills. This certification is the confirmation of the candidate capability with a specific competency. The six sigma programs help you to acquire opportunity in cost effective and most efficient manner. This certification program includes, six sigma black belt, and six sigma green belt is now available in online also. It helps the professionals to improve the working methodologies and make them more proficient in the work. On the other hand, the six sigma certification is the way to convey that the professional is successfully completed training in entire six sigma programs.

Who need to do this certification?

The six sigma certification is proposed for the senior managers, directors, chief executive officers and higher officials who are responsible for implementing or evaluating six sigma. Basically, this whole program of six sigma is aimed solely at assisting reduce faults by just employing different statistical techniques to run the business successfully, hence the individual can take this certification who is taking care of six sigma operations.


From the six sigma, the candidate can learn what is lean six sigma and also how it impact the business. It benefits you by increasing loyalty and customer satisfaction. Additionally, makes the cost savings via streamlined processes. The six sigma green belt certification helps to display the candidate’s proficiency in the respected subject matter as well as potentially improves candidate salary. Lean six sigma training helps to gain knowledge and experience to perform the routine work. In this modern era, lean six sigma green belt importance in the industry or business is undeniable. Larger organizations have some special departments intended to sigma, which is mainly organized to analyze faults and to eliminate it to improve efficiency and run the business without defects. This six sigma certification cater’s job opening to both inexperienced and experienced workers when it comes to get a job in the related field.

Practical experience along with the six sigma certification can help the candidate to get a high paying job in reputed industries.

Associated exams

Six sigma is the required certification with 2 different programs. Employees who are trained professionals are given belts and certifications as recognition. While six sigma green belt acts an entry level or stepping stone for the six sigma black belt certification. This black belt is considered at the highest level of certification. Master belt is the highest level of belt in the six sigma program. In the mean, beginners need to start with a green and yellow belts.

Green Belt

The green belt six sigma is categorized as six sigma virtual green belt and six sigma green belt. It is the basic level of certification in the six sigma programs.

Six sigma black belt

Six sigma yellow belt

Master black belt in six sigma


No prior knowledge or certification required to apply for the six sigma. There are vendors available to provide training and material to learn more about six sigma. It is recommended to have some work experience in the field, but not as a required prerequisite.

Exam Overview

The six sigma certification covers the below topics:

  1. Measurement system analysis
  2. Hypothesis testing/quality tools
  3. Basic statistics
  4. Financial metrics
  5. Six sigma overview
  6. Design of experiments
  7. Improve and control

Lean six sigma certification provides the candidate valuable needed skills and knowledge to ace the toughest problems and provides troubleshooting capability. By coupling with the needed topics like DMAIC problem solving methods with the robust statistical tools, lean six sigma black belt gives a roadmap for achieving the business process improvement. In addition to that, the black belt six sigma gives the solid understanding of the methods and tools associated with a six sigma approach. A good six sigma lean certification helps to set a right career path as well as gives an opportunity to sharpen the knowledge. The certified professional can get high analytical skills, creativity and innovation.

Validity of certification

The current six sigma certification is valid one which has to be renewed every three years to make the certification available.

Expert review

Owing to different techniques and methodologies implementing when streaming the process, the six sigma black and six sigma green belt certification becoming more popular among the prominent companies and business organizations. The six sigma training I got to achieve this certification improved the thought processes and creates awareness of best practices while performing daily tasks. I have six sigma yellow belt and within a year this certification helps to fulfill my business requirements.


Acquisition analyst, CACI International Inc.

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