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Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma

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Certification Overview

The demand for high quality professional workforce is derived due to constant innovation and upgrades in the professional sphere. Six Sigma certified professionals thanks to Six Sigma certification are making their voices raised in this competitive environment.The Six Sigma certification is also known as lean Six Sigma certification. This professional certificate helps individuals in developing a successful professional career. The certification levels are: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification.

Who needs to do this certification?

Business professionals with strong success motives should get his certification in Six Sigma.


Business professionals with certifications in Yellow, Green, and Black Belt programs see an increase in their salary.

Associated Exam

The certificates of all papers are provided after participating in a single exam. On passing each paper with the required amount of marks he or she can get his certificate.


No specific procedures or prerequisites are required prior to giving the exam. Business professionals are highly encouraged to apply.

Exam Overview

A wide range of training programs for Six Sigma learning are available in the internet. This training programs and courses not only helps the candidates in getting familiarize with the course content but also gives the candidatesthe room for plenty of practice. This Six Sigma PDF is enriched with resources which provide the candidates preparing for the exam with unique insights and taking a different approach in learning the course contents.

Practice sheets like Six Sigma for dummies PDF provides the candidates with plenty of opportunity to practice for the upcoming exams. The courses online have different names. For instance, green belt candidates will study Six Sigma Green Belt PDF resource materials and vice versa. The handbooks, tips, guidelines also come online in a series of Six Sigma handbook PDF. Last but not the least the Lean Six Sigma PDF test papers, which helps the candidates in getting familiarized with the real exam scenario are also online. Therefore, adequate room for preparation is out there online and it is highly recommended for students to participate in online training courses.

The Six Sigma course content for all units composes of the following steps: Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. There is also another additional stage which focuses on building the leadership capacities of the individuals.

The lean six sigma certification structure is the same for Yellow, Green and Black Belts. However, differences lie in the depth of the topics covered

The contents are divided according to a common parameter:

  • Lean Six Sigma overview
  • Define phase
  • Measure phase
  • Analyze phase
  • Improve phase
  • Control phase

The introduction phase introduces the individuals with the specific course. For instance, a professional studying green belt will have to go through Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and vice versa. The DMAIC steps are same for each belts but the application of knowledge is upgraded as you go up the belts.

The Define phase critically looks to define a specific problem or a situation. Candidates are taught to interpret problem literature, understand complexity and develop communication tools related to the given aspect and situation of study.

The Measure phase focuses on the tools available to measure intensity, progress of a specific task and process. Detailed analysis on statistics, process capability and process discovery is also included.

The Analyze phase shows the application of complex tools and techniques to analyze a given piece of practical data. The data then is assembled with other relevant facts to develop a model. This model will be used to bring assess the practicability of the solution in solving that particular problem. If the solution fits the model then it will be used.

The Improve phase discussesthe feasibility of implementation of the steps in response to the given problem. It also looks constantly for any room for improvement.

The control phase focuses on sustaining the model of solution using techniques like Defect controls, lean controls, Statistical process control etc.

Validity of Certification

There is no specific instruction regarding the validity of the certification. However, in the certification rules and regulations, it is mentioned with the permission of the authority the marks will be allowed to publish in the CV or other social media like LinkedIn. This shows that the certificate can be used for a long time and usually has no renewal procedures.

Expert Review

20% effort goes in training, 5% goes in learning tools and the rest are all relevant to the project. This can be demonstrated using a pie chart.

Mike Potosky,

Six Sigma deployment leader in Motorola