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Exam: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification overview

A CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) examination is a globally recognized examination with higher reputation all around the world. The credential is provided by ISC2 and accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). CISSP deals with efficiency in protecting database from hacking by any external source, thus providing with hazel-free storage of critical information, internally. Improvement in global computing technology has not only opened a gateway for new security platform for data, but also a variety of cybercrimes, that peep into one’s database and make every available information public. Hence, it has become mandatory to every organization to recruit a security personal, not just with a theoretical knowledge, but also who is efficient in protecting their company’s database getting hacked.

Who can do this certification?

Any IT professional interested in security domain can do this certification. With an increased awareness among IT professionals about the importance of CISSP certification, many private institutions has come up with various training courses to prepare the candidates. Among all, the best CISSP boot camp could be the one being conducted by ISC2 itself. A CISSP boot camp comes in two modes, either classroom training sessions, or online mode. While the classroom sessions provides a candidate with hands-on experience with handling critical scenarios and provide them chance to have interactions in the class, making the session live and useful, online classes are no lesser to it in helping the experienced candidates, who could not leave behind the firm they are in. Online classes are scheduled such a way that the timing of classes are much flexible to the test-takers, with additional support provided with CISSP practice examinations and CISSP model questions.


Signing up for CISSP training at ISC2 helps one get thorough knowledge about all the above mentioned CISSP domains, providing comprehensive understanding of Common Body Knowledge (CBK) and basic understanding of Assess control processing, detailed explanation and concept identification of each domain and also provides the learners with an opportunity to put-forth questions and apply in real-time what they have learnt, thus giving with interactive sessions to make them efficient to handle security crisis independently.

Adding to that, the candidate will get a confidence on their own skills and leadership qualities on creation and operational responsibilities of an organization. This CISSP boot camp also helps one in assessing themselves, understanding their key areas of strength, which will aid them in future to choose the career relating to their area of strength, thus giving them a satisfaction at job, along with lucrative earning. Students who take-up this boot camp could be ensured of having real-time experiences at every theoretical part they acquire at the classroom.

Associated exam

The CISSP examination is generally based on assessment of the proficiency of the examinee under the following ten CISSP domains:

  • Access control
  • Telecommunications and network security
  • Information Security and Risk management
  • Software Development Security
  • Cryptography
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Operations Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Legal Regulations, Investigations and Compliance
  • Physical/ Environmental Security


In general, a candidate taking-up CISSP exam is expected to have a minimum of 5 years paid and full-time experience in any of the domains stated by ISC2 Alternatively, one who does not meet the experience requirement may opt to become ISC2 Associate and obtain required experience before the validity of Associate certification.

Examination overview

Training session for CISSP is well organized, since the classes are not handled just by academicians, but by experts in CBK (Common Body Knowledge). These instructors have several years of experience in handling Premier Security Certification courses and real-time computer security monitoring. The CISSP boot camp with exam helps the student to get a comprehensive exam preparation followed by review for their performance in those model tests. Real-time training are mostly self-paced, that will help a IT professional to face the critical security crisis in the future with confidence and solve independently. The CISSP boot camp cost at ISC2 is worth for the variety of sessions and trainings one experiences at the class.

Validity of certification

A Certified Information Systems Security Professional certificate is generally valid for three years from the date of attainment of the credential. A candidate is required to take-up Continuing Professional Education (CPE) during the 3 years of time in order to renew the certificate obtained.

Expert Reviews

CISSP certification can be very helpful at your career and to your company.

Keith Watson, University of Purdue