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ISC2 CISSP certifications

Exam: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification overview

With ample improvements in global computing technology, there are also increasing scenario of threat to the security of the information shared between servers, be it a small-scale industry or a multi-national company. With this growing need for security in computing world, not just the technological solutions are helpful in protecting critical information of a company. Hence, IT companies are keen in recruiting a security personal, not just with a theoretical knowledge, but also who is efficient in protecting their company’s database getting hacked. This is where CISSP certification plays a key role. A CISSP exam (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a globally recognized examination with higher reputation. The credential is provided by ISC2 and accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Who can do this certification?

Highly-qualified personnel with an appetite to learn every day about trending threats and methods to overcome them, thus providing their employers and clients with hazel-free output and in-turn gain trust to the organization they are in.


Many IT professionals, who have sound knowledge and hands-on experience in IT security, questions if they necessarily have to undergo CISSP training and take-up CISSP exam. No doubt, resume of a CISSP holder stand-out well ahead of the competitive employers during job search, since it holds a greater weightage due to the tough mode of the examination. It acts as the demonstration of one’s expertise in maintaining information privacy within the firm and thus, this certification provides trust and liability to the employers, that the candidate is capable of ensuring the firm that none unauthorized can change/ peep into the company’s information that shows him to have adequate educational and professional knowledge. Top consulting firms and pharmacy sectors prefer CISSP holder, who could best apply State and Federal regulation, in order to prevent confidentiality, especially when it comes to the data of a patient’s history. ICS2 CISSP training also moulds the efficiency of the IT security personnel, updating him with day-to-day security risks and the ways to overcome them, making him incompetent when he looks to step high in the ladder of IT field.

Associated exams:

The CISSP exam is generally based on assessment of the proficiency of the examinee under the following ten CISSP domains:

  • Access control
  • Telecommunications and network security
  • Information Security and Risk management
  • Software Development Security
  • Cryptography
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Operations Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Legal Regulations, Investigations and Compliance
  • Physical/ Environmental Security


A candidate deciding to take-up CISSP exam is expected to have a minimum of 5 years paid and full-time experience in any of the domains stated by ISC2 Alternatively, one who does not meet the experience requirement may opt to become ISC2 Associate and obtain required experience before the validity of Associate certification

Examination overview

Signing up for CISSP training at ISC2 helps one get thorough knowledge about all the above mentioned CISSP domains, providing comprehensive understanding of Common Body Knowledge (CBK) and basic understanding of Assess control processing, detailed explanation and concept identification of each domain and also provides the learners with an opportunity to put-forth questions and apply in real-time what they have learnt, thus giving with interactive sessions to make them efficient to handle security crisis independently.

Various study materials like CISSP pdf, CISSP book and CISSP exam questions aiding the candidate willing to take-up CISSP certification exam are available at ISC2 once a candidate submits application and successfully becomes a member of ISC2. Further details on CISSP examination including CISSP exam cost, CISSP study guide could be obtained from ICS2 homepage.

Validity of certification

A Certified Information Systems Security Professional certificate is generally valid for three years from the date of attainment of the credential. A candidate is required to take-up Continuing Professional Education (CPE) during the 3 years of time in order to renew the certificate obtained. Alternatively, one may choose to re-write the CISSP exam and get a new certificate on passing the test. In general, the former method is preferred by certified personnel since it stands as an asset to their expertise, showing them as the one interested in learning at every chance, which is a most-wanted quality in the field of IT security with the demand for new/ updated security versions every day.

Expert Reviews

CISSP is infosec’s most desirable certification.

Andrew Briney

CISSP certification can be very helpful at your career and to your company.

Keith Watson, University of Purdue