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Six Sigma Green Belt

Certification: Six Sigma Six Sigma Green Belt - Six Sigma Green Belt

Certification overview

Six sigma is the statistical approach which is used in business process to acquire quality improvement. The Six Sigma certification is categorized into different level in the form of belt with various colors. Among all the belt, Six Sigma Green Belt is considered as an entry or first level of certification which is given to professionals who completes training and take the actual test. Vendors offer Six Sigma Green Belt certification online to help the working professional as an additional facility. When you people decided to go with the Six Sigma certification, then it is essential to start with this green belt to groom yourself with Six Sigma tools and techniques.

Who need to do this certification?

Field staff members, project managers, presidents, IT professionals, software developers, procurement specialist, quality assurance managers, manufacturing, operating and functional managers. It also includes any individual who like to enhance their own career development with the required skills to support and implement the Six Sigma projects in the organization. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is also recommended for the companies which interested to expand the organization to improve performance and reduce cost.


In order to complete any project in the Six Sigma projects, then the company must collect data about the process to eliminate or make changes in the variation. This type of task can only perform by a certified professional in a better way. Green Belt Lean Six Sigma helps to retain the practical knowledge and understanding the Six Sigma standards while implementing. Choosing this kind of certification significant and it is good for delegates on any stage of the organization position. It paves the way for promotion and salary hike. The Six Sigma Green Belt salary is noticeably higher than the uncertified professional.

It improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, and improves business opportunity. Certified Six Sigma Green Belt aspirants can gain more visibility among other participants. It is the right choice for those who like to enhance their knowledge and improve the productivity.

Associated exams

To acquire perfection in the Six Sigma certification, the delegates required to undergo the Green Belt Six Sigma certification and then need to move on black belt certification and so on. Green belt certification is mainly followed by the black belt certification to gain depth knowledge about Six Sigma tools and processes. Six Sigma Green Belt certified candidate can apply easily for the Black Belt, and Black Belt to Master Black Belt certification.


The Six Sigma Green Belt training can be given to the candidate who have some handful experience in handling Six Sigma projects. This green belt certification offers enough skills and knowledge who is technically responsible for the product in the company.

Exam Overview

The main topics involved in the Green Belt six sigma as follows:

  1. Statistical process control
  2. Hypothesis testing
  3. Design of experiments
  4. Non-normal data
  5. DMAIC functions and features
  6. Data analysis
  7. Lean concepts and tools

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification helps to acquire useful information and knowledge of the DMAIC process that includes the current process, optimize the process, measure all key aspects, collect required data, then analyze the content to check the effect and cause as well as control ensures to provide result without any defects. Six Sigma Green Belt training helps the delegates to define and absorb the required procedure to share and describe the acquired information and knowledge with all phases and contents of various strategies and approach of the Six Sigma. It is essential to know what is Six Sigma Green Belt and the techniques involved in it. The Six Sigma methodologies uses two categories for existing and new projects. For existing projects follow the DMAIC procedures and for new projects follow the DMADV. In both procedures, it is essential to attain the required knowledge as a foundation from the Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Make the Black certification is the final destination for the Six Sigma certification.

Validity of certification

The Green Belt Six Sigma certification holds the validity of five years. Hence, it is important to renew the certification regularly before the date of certification expiration.

Expert review

By acquiring the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, I can able to understand most appropriate steps accurately that involved in the Six Sigma process. On the other hand, keeping the certification active enhances job opportunity. It helps gain most valuable importance, implementation and working process of the Six Sigma tools. It is highly recommended to take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to improve the business productivity.


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