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Six Sigma Green Belt certification

Certification: Six Sigma Six Sigma Green Belt - Six Sigma Green Belt

Certification Overview

Six Sigma was developed by the company Motorola in the year of 1986. Six Sigma is used to improve upon the quality of the business and organization output, by recognizing the origins of the errors. Six Sigma is a set of protocols mainly satirical methods, which is set up by a group of professionals in the organization, who are mainly specialists in these approaches. It is categorized as the

  • Yellow belt
  • Green belt
  • Black belt
  • Champions

In the topic we would be discussing about this Six Sigma Green Belt certification here. What is Six Sigma Green Belt? The Green Belt Six Sigma certification operates under the supervision of the Six Sigma Black Belt. A Six Sigma Green Belt is a certification that lends a professional the adequate knowledge of analyzing the problems and improving upon the qualities. The Six Sigma Green Belts are employees who are ready to devote their time on process enhancement, with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, or process enhancement skills, along with problem solving attitude.

Who need to do this certification?

The course is so designed that any project manager or team leader can do this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Any software professional, quality support engineers, Practitioners or senior manager can apply. Any management student with working experience who is willing and has a problem identifying and solving attitude. Or it can also be beneficial for any other manager who wants to implement Six Sigma in organizations.


Currently recognized among more than 50 countries in the world, a green belt lean six sigmacertification is of a great advantage. In the computational of today, it’s of earnest importance to get recognized in the service industry and to your employer. All governmental agencies and also large non-government firms, MNCs, today look for candidates with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification for their organization, so that a certified Six Sigma Green Belt can help and restore and improve upon the project success rate. A Six Sigma Green Belt certification holder is proved to be much higher than the normal certification managers.

Associated Exams

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification candidate has to pass a 4 hour written exam, with a multiple choice questionnaire. There are usually 100 questions to be answered. A Green Belt Six Sigma certification online can also be applied.


There are as such no certification prerequisites, but a Lean Green Belt certification candidate must be having at least a 3 year or more, in the field of work. The experience should be of full time, paid. Paid interns will not be able to show their experience.

Exam overview

The questions are mainly on body of knowledge. The body of knowledge syllabus changes with the current scenarios. Six Sigma Green Belt certification requirement is updated with current queries and includes updated technologies and assessments. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training includes,

  • 15 questions on organization and Six Sigma
  • 25 questions on the processes of Six Sigma
  • 30 questions on the measures of Six Sigma
  • 15 questions on analysis
  • 15 questions on control and improvement.

The questions are based on text which deals with,

a) Overview

  • Organizational goals of Six Sigma
  • Lean principles
  • Design for Six Sigma

b) Definitions

  • Process Management
  • Project management
  • Management and planning
  • Business results
  • Team dynamics

c) Measure

  • Process analysis
  • Probability and statistics
  • summarizing data
  • Probability distributions
  • Process capability

d) Analyze

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Hypothesis testing

Validity of Certification

The validity of the Six Sigma Green Belt certification is for 5 years. Before the completion of the duration a candidate is eligible to re take the exam, or can also complete the CLSSGB or the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification online. In the online process a candidate would acquire Continuing Educational Units, which intern helps to renew the certificate. After the renew process only the candidate will again be eligible to implement the online Six Sigma Green Belt certification opportunities, and maintain the professional stature. But the renew should be online before the expire date, to be active.

Expert review

According to R khanderwal, Six Sigma Green Belt certification is one of the training that makes a professional out of an individual. The structure of the course materials and the study makes the concept very clear on the reasons of the professional perusing the course. Many organizations today focus on the individual talents on makes and running a project with proper education and skills. And this course is one such which makes the best, of their talents.