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ITIL V3 Foundation

Exam: ITIL ITILFND V4 - ITIL 4 Foundation

Certification Overview

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification is the highly recommended technique to IT service management worldwide in that it aids in provision of the best structures, basic concepts and guidance of the ITIL framework. The introduction of the ITIL Foundation certification has proven to be beneficial worldwide because it has increasingly led to ever increasing interdependency in most of the IT services, better guidance of all the services and above all better accommodation of the environmental resources that are core supporting factors of information technology.

ITIL Foundation certification ensures that individuals obtain the necessary knowledge and skills required in order to deliver the best solutions on time and within the set budget. It also ensures promising job positions especially in IT firms that specialize in Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Who need to do this certification?

ITIL Foundation certification is best suited for individuals who have an interest in ITIL. It is also appropriate for the IT experts who work specifically in organizations that have adapted ITIL. Generally, it is important to at least have an understanding of the basic concepts of the ITIL Foundation.


The main purpose of the ITIL Foundation certification is to ensure that professionals who work in ITIL organizations attain the required expertise. It is also important since it ensures an individual gets the opportunity of seeking advanced levels of the ITIL certification.

The ITIL Foundation certification is important because it can help an enterprise to reduce costs and this is mainly through better governance. It leads to improved IT services since the best practices are usually adopted. Individuals with the ITIL Foundation certification have proven to be very efficient because organizations that have adopted this system have recorded improved customer satisfaction because of the professionalism of the employees. The certification also ensures there is continued productivity and better service delivery.

ITIL Foundation certification is considered as one of the important aspects that promotes the growth of the organization. Moreover the certification ensures candidates acquire top notch knowledge and skills with regards to service management. It ensures that there is continuity of the business process since it ensures proper alignment of the strategies laid down.

Associated exam

The candidates can opt for the PMP certification exam since they will attain the expertise required in service management.


There are no prerequisites for individuals who are interested to attain the ITIL V3 Foundation certification.

Examination overview

The ITIL V3 Foundation certification exam is fundamental because it is considered as a stepping stone towards attaining the higher levels of ITIL. The candidates can practice sample papers that are readily available in order to assess their level of understanding and perfect the weak areas of the subject matters. The ITIL Foundation certification is uniquely designed in that it combines all the exam guidance tips, tutorials, handouts and available handouts to come up with an exam that mainly focuses on awareness and comprehension.

  1. Service management – it is considered as a practice and also identified as comprehension because it requires the candidates’ in depth knowledge and understanding of service management.
  2. ITIL service lifecycle - it is comprehensive and has five main stages and twenty six sub stages that the candidates are required to understand. The stages include service lifecycle stage, service strategy, service design, service operation and service transition.
  3. Generic concepts and definitions - its purpose is to ensure the candidates understand the key terminologies and the basic concepts of service delivery.
  4. Key principles and models- it simply requires the candidates to comprehend the key principles and understanding their accounting techniques.
  5. Processes- the candidates are required to understand the different service processes that wholly contribute to better ITIL service lifecycle approach.
  6. Service roles- the students are required to account for the responsibilities and roles of certain process practioner and service owners.
  7. Technology and architecture- the topic ensures that the candidates understand service automation and its relationship to other service management processes.

Validity of certification

The ITIL Foundation certification is valid for a period of three years and the holder is required to renew the status before it expires by sitting for the latest exams.

Experts review

I am an expert in one of the best ITIL organizations and this is entirely because of the ITIL Foundation certification that ensured I acquired the required knowledge and skills. In addition the certification acts as a platform for other technical certifications that I intend to pursue. In simple terms ITIL Foundation certification is one of the best certifications for all IT experts.

Kiran Kumar,

Solutions Architect at Steris Company, United Kingdom