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ITIL v3 foundation: preparing for exam

Exam: ITILFND V4 - ITIL 4 Foundation

Certification overview

The ITIL v3 foundation is the third version of the globally recognized certification for managing IT. ITIL is the framework that contains guidance on the IT service management, which includes procedures, functions, activities and processes. The ITIL v3 foundation is an entry level certification in the group of ITIL certification that helps to gain knowledge about terminology and all aspects of the IT management service. The ITIL v3 foundation exam dumps are intended for the candidates to prepare along with the ITIL v3 foundation course by the reputed industry. The certification is intended as an entry level and gives an introduction to ITIL as well as enabling the candidates to understand the business needs. With ITIL v3 foundation study material, there is always continuous service improvement can take place in the IT infrastructure.

Who need to do this certification?

The ITIL v3 foundation is the latest release certification, which is best for all IT professionals. Even IT managers, project managers, service mangers, delivery mangers, team members, coordinators can do this certification to upgrade their knowledge and skills. By offering different level of certifications, ITIL becomes a need for all IT employees.

It is highly suitable for any individual working in the IT services who requires more information about a best ITIL practice. ITIL v3 foundation handbook pdf format is available online to learn more.


As many organizations realize the importance and effectiveness of the ITIL foundation v3 certification, the requirement for the ITIL candidates is in demand and growing rapidly in many companies. Increasingly, employers and prospective clients are now making ITIL foundation v3 exam completion a required prerequisite for consideration while selecting for different roles. Being an ITIL v3 foundation certified candidate, you can gain many benefits and more job opportunity when compared to your colleagues.

The ITIL v3 foundation training can prepare you the most leading ITIL certification, which helps to move on to level level of career.

Associated exams

When it comes to ITIL certifications, the candidate required to know the level and associated exams. The first level of ITIL certification is the ITIL v3 foundations, in the IT service management. It is the basic level of certification that helps to understand the terms and concepts involved in the ITIL. The second level of certification is an intermediate v3 certification, which requires passing in the foundation exam. ITIL v3 foundation dumps available for the candidates who are serious to take the certification and the associated exams.


No prior certification required to ace this ITIL v3 foundation certification. Some years of work experience and knowledge in the IT field are recommended, but not required prerequisite. But for ITIL v3 intermediate, this v3 foundation is the needed qualification.

Exam Overview

With available ITIL v3 foundation exam questions, candidates can prepare for their actual exam to get a higher chance of passing the exam. This v3 foundation can provide you the general overview of the information technology service management lifecycle. The topics include in the ITIL v3 foundation exam as follows:

  1. Seven step improvement process
  2. Service strategy
  3. Design coordination
  4. Service validation & testing
  5. Transition support and planning
  6. Roles and functions of IT operations

The ITIL v3 foundation pdf format study material available helps to enrich your knowledge. The service strategy includes process and functions like service portfolio management, demand management, financial management, and relationship management. In the same way, the service design topic includes categories like supplier management, service catalog management, information technology service continuity management, availability management, service level management and capacity management.

Validity of certification

Each certification has some validity and expiry date. But the ITIL v3 foundation is the latest version as of now, it is valid till the arrival of any other new version. So without any hesitation candidate can go ahead with this certification. In fact, ITIL v3 foundation handbook is available with all the details of ITIL certifications with validity.

Expert review

IT professionals have a great insight through the ITIL v3 foundations certification. This certification gained significant importance in most part of the world. Through my personal experience, this ITIL v3 foundation certification noticeably increased my career opportunity in the field of IT service management. Especially, project manager and IT managers have to upgrade themselves to meet the industry demands with this current version of ITIL certification. I felt that having ITIL v3 foundation certificate is definitely undeniable one. Get an ITIL v3 foundation study guide from the reputed vendor and get certified as an ITIL professional.

Lucia Ortenza,

Quality support manager, Dell