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ITIL V3 Foundation certification

Exam: ITIL ITILFND V4 - ITIL 4 Foundation

Certification overview

ITIL Foundation is specifically fundamental for individuals who are interested to know more about information technology service management. Moreover, it is largely adopted in IT firms that use ITIL and require all its employees to have an understanding of the basics that are targeted towards service improvement. ITIL foundation ensures that you obtain skills and knowledge required in the implementation and delivery of proper services and also an opportunity to relate in a professional manner with other ITIL certified personnel. Individuals also get the opportunity of understanding the disciplines that are popular especially in service lifecycle, their Key principles and the relevant ITIL model.

Who need do this certification?

The ITIL V3 Foundation certification is suitable for most information technology professionals, business process owners, business managers and other individuals who have interest in better service management. The ITIL foundation has been widely adopted by all the firms both public and private sectors and this has intensively promoted good governance, quality improvement and better cost saving.


The exam is designed for all IT professionals since ITIL ensures there is continued service improvement in all programs and better management of all relevant systems. With the correct skills and knowledge an individual is able to manage services in portfolio form, in catalogue form and also obtains the expertise of managing any risk that arises in the company.

The ITIL Foundation certification aids in the provision of sufficient documentation that ensures the correct service management processes are set up in all the IT organizations. Moreover in order for any business to be successful, there should be laid down strategies and this is where the ITIL Foundation comes in handy. It is important especially if you are interested in working in a company that fully practices ITIL. It is also an important certification because it gives you the opportunity of earning the PDUs that are usually required for the PMP certification renewal. The ITIL Foundation is also a pre requisite for other ITIL certification including the ITIL Intermediate certification.

Associated exam

One can opt for the Information technology service management exam as an option and can validly attain the ITIL Foundation certification.


There are no prior requirements for the ITIL Foundation certification therefore all the interested candidates have the opportunity of obtaining the certification.

Examination overview

ITIL V3 foundation exam validates the candidates’ ability to practically apply the skills and knowledge acquired with regards to proper information technology service management. The candidates are therefore required to have an understanding of all the core areas that are usually tested in the examination.

Accreditated Training Organizations and other certified Examination Institutes are entirely responsible in arranging the exams. One can also opt for the online training institutions that ensure candidate get the required examination packages for ITIL Foundation certification. One advantage about the system is that candidates can take the proctored ITIL Foundation exams online.

The ITIL V3 Foundation exam covers the following nine topics:

  1. Service management usually as a practice
  2. The ITIL service lifecycle
  3. Generic concepts and its definitions
  4. Key principles and models
  5. Selected processes
  6. Selected functions
  7. Selected roles
  8. Technology and architecture
  9. Competence and training

The purpose of the following domains is to ensure that the candidates perfectly understand the main objectives of the ITIL foundation exams. It is therefore important to successfully pass the examination in order to obtain the ITIL Foundation accreditation that ensures you are eligible for rewarding career positions. Generally the two depths that require the candidates’ understanding include ‘awareness’ that simply requires them to know the existence and the core functions while ‘comprehension’ is basically the critical knowledge required with regards to its work and existence.

Validity of certification

The certification is valid for a period of three years. The candidates are therefore required to renew it before the three years elapse by taking the latest exam in the ITIL Foundation category.

Expert review

I am full-stack web developer and service manager thanks to the ITIL V3 Foundation certification that gave me the platform of being where I am at present. Moreover the certification has given me the opportunity of pursuing other IT certification that has made me a pro in the information technology and I use all these resources in the hope of helping others who are pursuing ITIL Foundation certification exams. In addition the collection of best practice in IT service management has given me the opportunity to explore and work in the best IT firms worldwide.

Edward Chung,

Web designer and developer, Hong Kong IT firm