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HP Certification Exams

HP Exams

  • HPE0-J58 - Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions
  • HPE0-J68 - HPE Storage Solutions
  • HPE0-P26 - Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions
  • HPE0-S22 - Architecting Advanced HPE Server Solutions
  • HPE0-S54 - Designing HPE Server Solutions
  • HPE0-S55 - Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions
  • HPE0-S57 - Designing HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
  • HPE0-S58 - Implementing HPE Composable Infrastructure Solutions
  • HPE0-V13 - Designing HPE Software-Defined Infrastructure Solutions
  • HPE0-V14 - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
  • HPE0-V25 - HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • HPE0-V27 - HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions
  • HPE2-K42 - Designing HPE Nimble Solutions
  • HPE2-T36 - Using HPE OneView
  • HPE2-T37 - Using HPE OneView
  • HPE6-A47 - Designing Aruba Solutions
  • HPE6-A68 - Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) V6.7
  • HPE6-A69 - Aruba Certified Switching Expert
  • HPE6-A70 - Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam
  • HPE6-A71 - Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Exam
  • HPE6-A72 - Aruba Certified Switching Associate
  • HPE6-A73 - Aruba Certified Switching Professional
  • HPE6-A79 - Aruba Certified Mobility Expert Written Exam
  • HPE6-A82 - Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate
  • HPE6-A84 - Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Written Exam

Hewlett-Packard, or simply HP, is one of the largest U.S. companies in the IT sector and an internationally renowned provider of software and hardware for individual consumers and organizations of all sizes.

HP was originally founded as a manufacturer of measuring equipment by Dave Packard and William Redington Hewlett in 1939, but in 1966, the company released its first minicomputer. Even today, it is a multinational corporation made up of two independent companies that share HP’s business goals. Thus, HP Inc. is engaged in the traditional development and sale of printers and personal computers, while Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) took over the business related to workload-optimized solutions and services for corporate customers, as well as the supply of servers.


It’s no secret that HP is focused on maximizing the customer experience, which is why 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies prefer HP’s innovative services and solutions in the technical areas, such as storage, computing, networking, and software. Moreover, this organization is working on such advanced technologies as Intelligent Edge, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Workplace, Artificial Intelligence, as well as High-Performance Computing.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the organizations in various industries, including manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare, use numerous and effective HP products. In other words, you’ve probably heard of LaserJet printers, HP Photosmart cameras, HP Pavilion PCs, Fortify Software, iPAQ Pocket PCs, and much more.


In addition to its core business, HPE offers a comprehensive training and certification program through a broad portfolio of designations. Aside from promotions and varied career opportunities, any HPE certificate allows a candidate to become a member of the HPE Tech Pro. It is a unique global community of IT enthusiasts with common goals related to development, innovation, and improvement.

Basically, the entire HPE certification program is divided into technical and sales qualifications. The latter are a set of three designations designed for the professionals working at either HP or HP Partners. Thus, the available options include HPE Sales Certified – Aruba Products and Solutions, HPE Sales Certified – Portfolio Solutions [2022], and HPE Sales Certified – Hybrid Cloud Solutions [2022].

As for the technical certifications, HPE offers the Career Professional program. Any candidates who strive to master sufficient competencies as regards HP services, solutions, and products can choose to make designations using the following technologies:

  • Compute – an accreditation pathway that covers the individuals’ comprehensive skills of designing, building, and managing server solutions from HPE. As a result, the applicants can earn the following certificates: HPE Master ASE – Compute Solutions V1, HPE ASE – Composable Infrastructure Integrator V1, HPE ASE – Compute Solutions V1, and/or HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect V4.
  • Hybrid Cloud – an accreditation pathway that confirms the candidates’ knowledge of resource and workload optimization, optical ROI, secure Hybrid Cloud environments, and cost management. Therefore, this category consists of HPE ASE – Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1, HPE Master ASE – Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1, and HPE ATP – Hybrid IT Solutions V2 to validate the specialist’s expertise.
  • Networking – a multi-level accreditation pathway presented in conjunction with Aruba that covers the areas of SD-WAN, wireless, security, and switching. Depending on the experience of the individuals, four levels are available. You can go for Associate (Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate or ACCA), Professional (Aruba Certified Design Professional or ACDP), Expert (Aruba Certified Mobility Expert or ACMX), and Product Specialist (HPE Product Certified – Aruba Data Center Network Specialist and HPE Product Certified – Aruba Location Services Specialist).
  • Software – an accreditation pathway that consists of HPE Product Certified – OneView [2020], HPE Product Certified – Containers [2021], and HPE Product Certified – OneView [2022]. These certificates are designed for the specialists with the opportunity to work comprehensively with the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform solution and manage the HPE OneView infrastructure.
  • Storage – an accreditation pathway that proves the candidate’s expertise in hyper-converged appliances, software-defined storage, and flash technologies. You can obtain HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3, HPE Product Certified – Nimble Solutions [2018], HPE ASE – Storage Solutions V4, and HPE Product Certified – SimpliVity [2021].

With the exception of the Aruba accreditation program, all the HPE qualifications are also categorized by 4 candidate expertise levels:

  • Foundational (HPE Product certified) testifies that you are able to perform a specific HPE solution or product as well as know about its strengths and benefits.
  • Professional (HPE ATP) validates your skills to recommend the most suitable products and solutions according to the customer requirements.
  • Expert (HPE ASE) proves that you possess the relevant ability to work on complex enterprise technologies, know the characteristics of the HPE and 3rd-party offerings and can differentiate them when needed.
  • Master (HPE Master ASE) is the highest level in this certification program, which testifies that you have the top-notch tech skills to implement advanced enterprise solutions.

Aruba-specific certifications fall into the following three levels:

  • Associate level implies that you possess the ability to create mobile first network solutions and have the relevant skills in carrying out simple configuration as well as setting Aruba software & equipment.
  • Professional level testifies that you are skilled in building mobile first network solutions.
  • Expert level is the top one in this certification program. It proves that you are proficient in installing, configuring, operating, and providing support to mobile first networks.