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Certification: EMCSA NAS

Certification Full Name: EMC Storage Administrator Network Attached Storage

Certification Provider: EMC

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Certification Notation

E10-001 exam will retire on December 31, 2015. It will be replaced with E5-001 exam.

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EMCSA NAS Certification Info

Certification Introduction

EMCSA NAS which stands for Network Attached Storage is offered by globally proven professional certification body i.e. EMC. The major purpose to offer this NAS certification is to provide the related capabilities, essential skills and hands on experience to the interested candidates regarding administrating the storage unit of any organization. NAS is considered as one of the EMC Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) track certification.

Network attaches storage (NAS) technology can primarily be considered as data storage servers in the form of computer files and which is consequently linked to other computer network in order to provide the access to critical and confidential as well as normal data to other group of people. NAS is also in the list of top ten storage certifications for the year 2015. This certification mainly targets the storage professionals who are working in IT company and wants to manage as well as deploy the network attaches storage solutions. These solutions are deployed able for iSCSI, UNIX and Window environments but only after using EMC Celerra. The certification is available either as specialist level or associate level or specialist level. This exam is comprised of sixty questions for which a time period of ninety minutes is given.

Related Exams

The related exams of NAS certification are divided into level levels i.e. Associate Level, Specialist level and Expert Level. For associate level the related exam is E10-001: Information Storage and Management Version 2 Exam, for the specialist level the related exam is E20-361: Network Attached Storage (NAS) Exam for Implementation Engineers and lastly for the Expert Level the related exam is E20-860: Network Attached Storage (NAS) Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers.

Certification Objectives

The candidates will learn about storage process and will successfully develop relevant skills. The major objectives of this certification are given below:

  • Learn different techniques and methods through which the IT personnel can make thoughtful decisions regarding the storage track as well as its linked issues and concerns
  • The certified people can further guide other IT team members and staff about how the EMC based information infrastructure solutions can be integrated effectively
  • Candidates will learn the technological capabilities leveraged fully functional by EMC
  • Know about Celerra, its architecture and components
  • Implementation of Celerra Solutions
  • Celerra replicator and backup solutions

The provable skills and state of ate art knowledge will help the implementation engineers and storage architects to implement and deploy the storage devices and link it correctly with the network. They will learn the network environment in which Celerra solutions work as well as the features and management of data over. How to deal with the failure encountered during data mover operation. How to configure the network and what are its eminent features. Celerra file systems creation and management are also included. Thus, this certification provides a comprehensive and holistic way to seek relevant skills and then apply those skills in the practical way by working for IT organizations and companies.

Certification Information


Candidates can take NAS re certifications whenever they want; however, the proven professional credentials of EMC don't expire and therefore, if the industrial demands change and technologies evolve with time then the exams can be re taken according to availability and candidates capability level.

Exam prerequisites

Like all other certifications offered by EMC, all the candidates who want to take this certification exam are required to possess a comprehensive experience of about three years in the relevant field of storage, information systems and design/architect experience. Moreover, this experience should be taken from the certified EMC recognized Information Storage Associates. Specific training is also recommended such as Celerra foundations, CLARiion foundations, Celerra antivirus agent and Connectrix foundations.

Skills and Benefits

The qualified candidate will learn how to manage and deploy and further administer the Network Attached Storage Environment. These qualified personnel will be hired as the implementation engineers and storage administrators.

What's next?

After becoming a NAS certified after qualifying the related exam, a certified candidate can look into an advance level certification in the field of network attached storage (NAS) such as Networked Storage-CAS implementation, Network Storage-san implementation exam etc.