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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Certification overview

Get the benefits of the passing the certification with the help of Six Sigma Black Belt training. By encompassing the DMAIC Six Sigma methodology and technology with integrated content, the candidates can easily learn the Six Sigma tools and systems effectively in their organizations. This Black Belt training of Six Sigma enriches the candidate’s knowledge and provides most effective, practical solutions for the business related issues. It is good for the employees of companies who have deployed the six sigma which improve performance and reduces cost.

Who need to do this certification?

Black Belt Six Sigma training is intended for the candidates from diverse industry functions such as quality, engineering, finance, operations, production, logistics and also other staff function looking to achieve significant business output to the opted organizations. Professionals are well versed in the technical aspect of the jobs such as project facilitators, and team leaders. It also applies to the staff, directors, line supervisors and managers in the specialization of areas such as customer service, It marketing, quality, education, safety, health, purchasing, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, education, and sales. Master Black Belt training is very important for the project managers and CEO’s.


The Six Sigma is the data driven methodology, customer focused in achieving the breakthrough process in business. It is a flexible and comprehensive system that can apply to improve designs, process efficiencies and reduce defects. It also helps to achieve significant business result as well as increased customer satisfaction.

By achieving the Six Sigma Black Belt training, the delegates can able to reap huge benefits out of it. The training helps to understand the depth knowledge of Six Sigma methods, process improvement and philosophies and provides ability to apply improvement tools in many tough circumstances. The certified candidate can use this certification for their career development and higher qualification of Master Black Belt certification. It also increases competence in advanced statistical process and variability reduction. Six Sigma consultant has developed many methodologies for implementing the six sigma quality and also new application that suits for current technology. The trained and certified can posses a thorough understanding of DMAIC in all aspects and learn how to use the standard principles.

Associated exams

To get certified as a Black Belt in Six Sigma, the candidate needs to complete or certify as a Green Belt holder in the Six Sigma. Hence get the Green Belt before applying for the Six Sigma Black Belt. After passing this black, candidate can gain eligibility to ace the Master Black Belt certification training.


Before applying for the black belt, the delegates required to complete the Green Belt in Six Sigma. This Green Belt certification training helps to learn the basic techniques and tools in the Six Sigma, which is very essential to learn some new and advanced topics in the Six Sigma when it comes to Black Belt.

Exam Overview

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training helps to know about the practices and principles of Six Sigma and lean methodologies which brings the candidates to the level of Black Belt helps to achieve the breakthrough business improvements. The Six Sigma Master Black Belt training uses minitab statistical software.

The topics include the 6 sigma black belt training such as:

  1. Six Sigma methodology
  2. Implementation of process control
  3. Process capability
  4. Reduce process variation
  5. Eliminating defects and waste by applying six sigma
  6. Six sigma tools and techniques

Lean Black Belt training offered by the vendors develops candidates into the expert level problem determination and also provides solid skills they required to lead the business and achieve needed strategic objective in any department or function of the organization.

Validity of certification

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification is valid for about five years in total and the delegates need to renew it regularly within the time limit to stay active. If the candidate fails to renew the certification within the assigned time limit, then they lose the authority to use the six sigma certification logo in their profiles.

Expert review

The Six Sigma Black Belt training enabled me to offer significant productivity as well as quality benefits to my organization and business. I now gained excellent knowledge on Six Sigma tools and acquired ability to deliver projects on time. It has made me recognize Black Belt professional with its source of support and knowledge. This Six Sigma training is essential for the manger level professionals as a compulsory one. Online Black Belt sigma training is good for the working delegates and other non working candidates.


Marketing professional, UBS bank

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