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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification overview

Certification: Six Sigma Six Sigma Black Belt - Six Sigma Black Belt

Certification overview

The Six Sigma certification is the disciplined and rigorous methodology which uses statistical and data analysis to improve and measure the organization’s operational performance by detecting and also eliminating faults in manufacturing and in service related processes. The Six Sigma Black Belt certification at many industry means the measure of quality and ability that the professional have. Six Sigma certification gaining popularity among the service industry because of its cost reduction and breakthrough improvements. Whether your organization is small or large, and whether it provides services to the customer or manufactures any product, it can benefit you with its techniques and tools.

Who need to do this certification?

The Black Belt certification course is intended for the professionals such as project managers, software professionals, team leaders, quality assurance, senior management, team members of software quality assurance, and management team of enterprise who propose to practice and implement six sigma. It is also apt for all professional candidates who are in research, consulting or innovations in the process improvement practices. It also includes future mangers like management students and also who like to achieve Black Belt certification and Master Black Belt certification as it is the key to enter into the program.


The Six Sigma Black Belt certification online is available for the candidates who want to do from their place. The knowledge acquired through this certification helps to eliminate defects in any process that including from product to the service and also manufacturing to any transaction. Six Sigma Black Belt certification gives the ability to a holistic approach to solve problems in a step by step process of statistical tools and inventions which allows organizations to know which processes of business is not performing as required, improve the contributing factor, find the cause of defects and sustain acquire in improvements.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification helps to demonstrate the candidate’s capability to acquire excellence initiatives and deliver an increase in profits to the organizations. According to Six Sigma, it significantly improves the company profitability and ensures less faults. The techniques and methodology used in the Six Sigma Black Belt ensures benefits for the candidates and organizations as well. With this certification any candidate can achieve proper resolution technique for any kind of issue or faults, whether it can be manufacturing issue, personnel issue, medical procedure or transaction process.

Associated exams

To gain this Six Sigma Black Belt certification, start with Lean Six Sigma and necessary exam. Please note that it is essential to earn Six Sigma Green Belt certification before aiming for the professional Black Belt certification in Six Sigma.


The candidates must preferably hold the Six Sigma Green Belt certification. It is the only required prerequisite to meet the Six Sigma Black Belt certification requirements.

Exam Overview

The Black Belt Six Sigma certification covers topics as follows:

  1. Process management & change management
  2. Hypothesis testing
  3. Factorial design
  4. Significance of DOE
  5. Analysis of multiple variables
  6. Measurement system analysis
  7. Screen potential causes

This certification provides guidance on the Six Sigma techniques and provides project resource requirements. The candidates can able to acquire Six Sigma tools and techniques. The Lean Six Sigma certification helps to understand the broad scope and also the nature of business improvement. The DOE is the problem solving method which can solve tedious faults in a less period of time. This certification mainly focuses on all the fundamental of experimental designs for variable type data. This course helps to learn how to utilize the minitab options for the statistical analysis. The project management techniques help to learn the key to the successful transition and teaches how to convert any faults and derive the statistical solution and also how to implement the solution to the existing problem.

Validity of certification

The validity of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification is five years and candidates requires to either recertify or retake the exam within the valid time period. Renewing the Six Sigma Black Belt certification allows the certified professional to retain the credential intact and professional stature for their use. Certification has to be renewed before the date of expiration to be active or current.

Expert review

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification provides me the most valuable skills and knowledge required to tackle all the tough problems that are emerging on the organization. By coupling with the proven DMAIC problem driven methodology with helpful statistical tools, the Six Sigma provides well defines a roadmap to achieve improvements in the business process. The training acquired for this certification allows to absorb and deploy the skills on Six Sigma.


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