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Certification: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

Certification Full Name: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional

Certification Provider: Oracle

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Certification Prerequisites

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Certification Notation

If you have Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g or 11g Certification you can upgrade it to Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional Certification by passing 1z0-060 exam.

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Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional Certification Info

Certification introduction

The OPC certified candidates provided by the Oracle are the world’s largest platform of providing various certifications that are much closer to the new dimension of resolving conflicts regarding databases with the admitted technology for a well known as cloud deployments. It is the up to date certification using the latest cloud activities as well as services in order to completely consolidate databases. Undoubtedly it is the most advanced technique and cloud services are easy to manage and secure as well. The risk factor is always associated with the latest developments and the cloud technique is responsible to mitigate risk as far as possible and it also cuts off the cost with the huge margin in order to achieve the higher levels of security and the new level of efficiency. This is the required certification at the administration level, which definitely fulfill the administration level requirements to progress for the master level specialization in the work with the post requisite to become a master in the databases using cloud deployments.

Related exam

Oracle Database 12c:Advanced Administration 1Z0-063: this exam covers the major concerning objects that truly depict the professionalism in the databases and in the real market surroundings.

Certification objectives

There are some basic infrastructure maintenance and software conversion objectives that are included in the certification main purposes due to its prior importance in the field of Oracle certifications. There must be a logic behind each approach and they must be categorized into two categories the prime objective and the secondary objective. Definitely, the prime objectives relate to databases, updating, installation and conversion, creating and managing all related database activities just like storage, and the networking environment, and the basic information that is crucially needed in database recovery, backup, and overall performance whether that is related to structure or operations performs while using Oracle databases 12c. There must be some secondary objectives that really intend to perform the rare activities during the all other primary activities working parallel with the secondary objects. It includes the software and hardware management.

Certification information


All of the certifications provided by the Oracle certification program must be upgraded within the one year. The time period varies according to the exam requirement, but mostly it remains the same for such certifications provided. All of the related issues regarding the certification programs has periodically informed to all of the Oracle registered candidates.

Retake policy: There are a number of restrictions that must be strictly obeyed to avoid any non convenient act. The time duration is about two weeks regardless of any violation of rules and procedures. In any non accepted act and issue the validity becomes over without any objection from the same side. The candidates must be aware of all Oracle certification exam policies in advance to avoid any inconvenience. There is also a fixed time duration of about 90 days to appear in the exam otherwise it may conclude to the retirement of a particular exam.

Exam pre-requisite

1Z0-062 (Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration Exam): this is the related exam that defines the clear objectives and the purpose of the certification in 12 c series provided by Oracle databases. This directly refers to OCA exam and entirely builds the character support and the latest features of Oracle databases uses cloud computing.

Skills and Benefits

The combination of vast knowledge and different skills that are demanded hugely in the current competitive marketplace will definitely earn through this certification and it provides the complete set of combining skills that are the core need of DBA’s. Benefits are in the form of improvement in the skills, increase in the efficiency rate and managing skills all are compiled to the best of the multitenant architecture and the well known Oracle databases specially re-engineered for the latest authenticated, admitted and approved technology known as cloud computing.

What’s next?

There are a lot of latest certifications introduced by the Oracle for the master level and the candidates will be recognized as the OCM certified by Oracle from the OCP certified certifications. It will enhance the skill level, profession level, knowledge level and the demanding level of the Oracle certified candidates in the real world.