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Certification: NRS II

Certification Full Name: Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist II

Certification Provider: Alcatel-Lucent

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NRS II Certification Exam

NRSII4A0 - Alcatel-Lucent NRS II Lab Exam

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Certification Notation

* After passing 4A0-100 exam you will get Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I) Certification.

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NRS II Certification Info

Certification Introduction

NRS II is a network routing specialist II certification by Alcatel Lucent. It is and advanced form of NRS I certification. The certification code is 4A0-C01 NRS II provides a strong inside on network routing service by Alcatel Lucent to the students. This exam focuses on implementation of Alcatel lucent network services on layer 2 and layer 3 including the Internet Routing Protocol and IP/MPLS networks.

Related Exams

Alcatel Lucent optics certification program presents many certifications for training of candidates in optical networks e.g. CNA (Certified Network Associate), CNP (Certified Network professional) and CNX (Certified Network Expert).

Certification Objective

NRS II is a composite certification exam. It is focused on network routing services by Alcatel Lucent. The objectives of the certification are given below:

  • Testing the candidate's overall understanding of link state protocols.
  • Testing the Knowledge of network route redistribution and route filter policies.
  • The ability of candidate to understand the complete IP routing Design.
  • Understanding of OSPF implementation and operation in basic and complex network layouts and routing issues.
  • Understanding of OSPFv3 in single and multi area networks.
  • Understanding of IPv6.
  • Configuring of an MPLS networks and routing issues.
  • Demonstration of an overall understanding of Alcatel Lucent services.
  • Understanding of theory and implementation of VPLS services.
  • Implementation of VPRN service.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 VPRN service understanding and configuration.

Exam Format

NRS II certification format is based on the combine exam of the following certifications. One can directly register for NRS II composite exam including the following courses.

  • 4A0-101: Alcatel Lucent Interior Routing Protocol
  • 4A0-103: Alcatel Lucent Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • 4A0-104: Alcatel Lucent Services Architecture

NRS I certification knowledge is also assumed for candidates appearing in NRS II exam. NRS II certification can be obtained by a composite exam and a practical lab exam. The written exam comprises of almost 100 multiple choice questions to be attempted in 210 minutes. Lab exercise is also mandatory to understand the theoretical concepts and their practical implementation.

The Alcatel Lucent NRS II lab exam number is NRSII4A0 and exam duration is 3.5 hour. The mandatory requirements for lab exam are

  • 4A0-100: Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks
  • 4A0-101: Alcatel-Lucent Interior Routing Protocols
  • 4A0-103: Alcatel-Lucent Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • 4A0-104: Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture

NRSII lab exam is taken in on live equipment to test the candidate's ability to design, implement and troubleshoot issues in a network and analyze network's performance. NRS II lab exam is held on Alcatel Lucent registered labs.

For candidates having other Cisco certifications there are a few course exemptions of NRS II. E.g. for Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) the exempted course is 4A0-100, for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) the course exempted are 4A0-101 and 4A0-102 etc. There are also exemptions for Juniper certifications.

Certification Information

Re certification

All certifications in SRC program are valid for three years. After three years candidate has to reappear in certification exam to stay up to dated with new technologies.

For recertification candidate has to clear a high level exam e.g. MRP, 3RP or SRA. And in recertification eligibility request the 4A0-C01 composite course name has to be mentioned. If candidate is unable to recertification during recertification period the original certification is terminated.

Pre requisite

There is no specific pre requisite to NRS II certification but students are assumed to have knowledge of NRS I certification course.

Skills and Benefits

NRS II is a specialized level certification. It provides a lot of skills to the candidate to excel in professional field. Few of the benefits and skills attained after NRS II certification are mentioned below:

  • Provides a deep understanding and implementation of link state protocols.
  • Provides core knowledge of complete IP routing design and network route distribution and filter policies.
  • An NRS II certified professional has complete understanding of IPv6.
  • NRS II certified professional has an understanding of almost all Alcatel Lucent network routing services.
  • Provides configuration knowledge of layer 2 and layer 3 VPN services.
  • IPv6 Tunneling over the IP/MPLS network.

What's next?

After SRC II certification the candidates can move on to following higher certifications.

  • Alcatel Lucent 3RP, Alcatel Lucent Triple Play Routing Professional certification is designed for senior network engineers.
  • Alcatel Lucent SRA, Alcatel Lucent Service Routing Architect is the highest level certification in the SRC program.