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Dell Certification Exams

Dell Certifications

Dell Exams

  • D-UN-DY-23 - Dell Unity Deploy 2023
  • DEA-1TT5 - Associate - Information Storage and Management Exam
  • DEA-2TT4 - Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.4 Exam
  • DEA-3TT2 - Data Protection and Management Version 2
  • DEE-1111 - Expert - PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions
  • DEE-1421 - Expert - Isilon Solutions
  • DES-1111 - Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions
  • DES-1121 - Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions
  • DES-1241 - Specialist - Platform Engineer, PowerStore
  • DES-1423 - Specialist Implementation Engineer Isilon Solutions Exam
  • DES-1721 - Specialist - Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam
  • DES-2T13 - DES-2T13: Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam
  • DES-5121 - Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking Exam
  • DES-6131 - Specialist - Systems Administrator, Converged Infrastructure Exam

Dell Inc. is the world's largest computer company, as well as a provider of related services and products related to playful computing and cloud solutions.

This multinational company was founded in 1984, and today it is already a technology leader with a staff of over 165 thousand people. Actually, Dell Inc. and Dell EMC have been divisions of Dell Technologies since 2016.


As mentioned, Dell is the largest, after Lenovo and HP Inc., supplier of a wide range of PC models and solutions, networking equipment, tablets, and computer peripherals including printers, monitors, cameras, and projectors. At the same time, the main activities of Dell EMC are services and solutions related to information security, cloud computing, data storage, analytics, and virtualization. In more detail, it is possible to note the following solutions:

  • APEX - end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions with diverse workload and data requirements to keep control over IT operations.
  • Security solutions - cyber threat prevention through comprehensive threat detection and effective response, intrinsically safe devices and infrastructure, and data protection and clear recovery.
  • Infrastructure solutions related to a multi-cloud environment and enabling machine learning, edge computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Employee solutions enabling the creation of modern workplaces based on inspiring user experience and collaboration through AI workstations, Endpoint Security, remote workforce deployment, intelligence optimizer, and unified workspace.
  • Industry solutions to help achieve business objectives in areas such as media, energy, government, health care, education, trade, telecommunications, and more.

Certification Program

Developed by Dell professional qualification program is very popular because 86% of IT recruiters consider the presence of formal certification when making a decision, and 73% of certified specialists said that they became more efficient and in demand.

What's more, the Dell Technologies Proven Professional program offers designations at various levels such as Associate (DCA), Specialist (DCS), and Expert (DCE) in numerous technical areas:

Cloud category covers cloud services and infrastructure skills.

  • DCA: Cloud Infrastructure and Services v3
  • DCA: Information Storage and Management v4
  • DCS-CA: Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure
  • DCE-CA: Cloud Architect, Cloud Services

Converged Infrastructure accreditation category covers the candidate's expertise in using VxBlock and VxRail

  • DCA: Cloud Infrastructure and Services v3
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, VxBlock
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, VxRail (Updating on 11/19/21)

Data Protection category focuses on certifying competencies related to data protection and data integrity through the use of specific Dell products.

  • DCA: Data Protection and Management v2
  • DCA: Information Storage and Management v4
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect Data Manager
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, Avamar
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, Networker
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, RecoverPoint

Data Science category covers knowledge and skills in advanced analytics and data engineering.

  • DCA: Data Scientist, Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2
  • DCS-DS: Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics
  • DCS-DS: Data Scientist, Data Engineering

Networking category is aimed at proving networking professionals using PowerSwitch Campus and PowerSwitch Data Center.

  • DCA: Networking v1
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking

Security category is designed for specialists involved in casing their organization's security infrastructure using Dell products.

  • DCA: Cloud Infrastructure and Services v3
  • DCA: Data Protection and Management v1
  • DCA: Information Storage and Management v4
  • DCA: Networking v1
  • DCA: PowerEdge v1
  • DCS: Infrastructure Security

Servers category includes designations confirming the candidate's ability to implement and administer various Dell servers.

  • DCA: PowerEdge v2
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, OpenManage Enterprise
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge MX Modular
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge M1000e, FX, VRTX

Storage category is designed to develop and test skills with a variety of storage solutions including management planning and deployment.

  • DCA: Information Storage and Management v4
  • DCS-IE Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, ECS
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerScale
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions
  • DCS-IE: Implementation Engineer, SC Series Solutions
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, VPLEX
  • DCS-SA: Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions
  • DCE: PowerScale Solutions
  • DCE: PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions

At the same time, that Dell qualification paths are categorized by role. For example, candidates can find suitable designations covering the competencies needed for a systems administrator (SA), platform engineer (PE), data scientist (DS), cloud architect (CA), implementation engineer (IE), security specialist, and technology architect (TA).