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Certification: RCSP-W

Certification Full Name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - WAN Optimization

Certification Provider: Riverbed

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RCSP-W Certification Info

Certification Introduction

This certification is however being made for all the individuals who want to have the attainment of certification in the domain of Riverbed WAN Optimization products and solutions and also in the domain of Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS). This certification is however intended for the Riverbed Certified Solutions Professionals as the candidates who pass this test are found to be working within the design environment in order to have the complete validation of the skills which are being acquired in the time of the technical professional working in the successful implementation of the Riverbed services and other related products needed.

There are however no pre-requisite requirements which are needed for the undertaking of this exam. However there are some criterion on the basis of which some candidates have higher rate and chance of getting selected. The candidates who have taken the training classes and however have also at least 6 months hands-on experience in the Riverbed authorized operation system products means the RiOS products and services have the higher chance of getting selected. Also only taking on this class does not guarantee that the candidate will be selected. There are also some exams which the candidate has to pass for the certification.

Related Exams

There are some exams which need to be undertaken in order to have the successful completion and acquiring of the certification. These exams include:

  1. RCSA-SD exam – This is based on the basic and elementary level which has information about the start-up administrative functions.
  2. RCSP-SD exam – This exam is more based on the advanced working which includes the various analysis of skills of the candidates related to the Riverbed Technology Expertise in the working area of interest.

Certification Objectives

There are various objectives associated with this certification which include the following:

  1. Knowledge about the WAN optimization and other Application Acceleration services which are needed to be attained from the industry recognized Riverbed certifications.
  2. To have the sound knowledge about the Network Performance Management and other problem diagnoses in the network.
  3. Understanding of the application performance applications with complete tracking information and solution skills.
  4. Knowledge about the application visibility and storage delivery which is needed for the tracking.
  5. Have complete information about the location independent computing along with the provision of various other resources.
  6. Major emphasize on the understanding of optimization and other certification programs like the analysis of the diagnostics.
  7. To have complete understanding with the products and services of Riverbed. This also includes the configuration and other services needed for the application acceleration.
  8. The configuration and tracking knowledge about the network and its performance is also one of the most important objectives of this certification provided to the individuals acquiring the certification.

Certification Information


For the re-certification, there are no much higher policies but instead the knowledge about the previous areas of interests are significant and should be accounted in order to become eligible for the recertification and applying for it again.

Exam prerequisite

There are some skills which are to be followed in order to successful complete the test. The candidate however has to build the theoretical knowledge related to the trouble shooting which increases the possibility of completing the test successful. The candidates also need to have the acquiring of the hands-on experience in order to have the knowledge about the deployment which could help in passing the exam successfully by the candidate.

Skills and Benefits

There are also various benefits which are associated with the acquiring of the certification which includes the establishment of the credibility of the candidates to have the capable individuals with regard to the Riverbed products and its related services. It also provides the professional working in the domain of application acceleration and other WAN optimizations. There are also benefits related to the joining of Riverbed RCSP Members which are for the Splash community group only otherwise. RCSP-W certification logo is also provided to the certified professional.

What's next?

There are some other certifications and exams which come afterwards in order to have more enhanced knowledge.

  1. Application Consultant – SAP
  2. Steelhead and CMS with RiOS 6.1
  3. Virtual Steelhead 1.0 with RiOS 6.1.1