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Brocade Certification Exams

Brocade Certifications

Brocade Exams

  • 143-090 - Brocade Professional SAN Administrator 2017
  • 143-140 - Brocade Professional Mainframe Storage Networking Architect 2017
  • 143-430 - Brocade Associate SAN Administrator 2017
  • 143-710 - Brocade SAN Troubleshooting
  • 143-810 - Brocade Professional IP Storage Network Administrator 2017
  • 180-110 - Brocade Associate Campus Implementer 2017
  • 180-310 - Brocade Advanced IP Troubleshooting
  • 180-320 - Brocade BGP and MPLS
  • 190-110 - Brocade Professional Ethernet Fabric IP Administrator 2017
  • 190-210 - Brocade Ethernet Fabric IP Troubleshooting
  • 200-200 - Brocade Ethernet Fabric Foundation

Certification Introduction

Brocade has a broad certification program that is focused on training individuals and awarding them certifications in their respective fields. Among those certifications the Brocade certified Network Engineer is a primary level certification by Brocade. BCNE certification is a foundation learning program for the candidates who wish to advance in networking technologies. It is a core network certification, starting from the installation and configuration of a Brocade router or switch right up to its management and troubleshooting. The individuals having BCNE certification are considered to be skilled in Ethernet fabric using Brocade Software and hardware management tools and interfaces. BCNE exam is taken by Pearson VUE.

Related Exams

As BCNE certification is focused on layer 2 and layer 3 functionality and procedures. There are other related certifications which are based on higher network layers. Candidate can also attempt following certifications.

  • Brocade Certified layer 4-7 Engineer (BCLE), aimed to train candidates in layer 4 to layer 7 based network design issues.
  • Brocade Certified Layer 4-7 Professional (BCLP), aimed to professionally train candidate for Layer 4 to Layer 7 network design issues.

Certification Objective

BCNE certification program is designed for network Technicians, networks administrators, and network support staff to gain professional excellence with a sound and in depth knowledge of Brocade networking products and equipments. The objectives of Brocade Certified Network Engineer program are as follows:

  • To train and test the candidate's knowledge of the network layer 1 hardware (i.e. physical media) concepts.
  • To test the candidate's ability to identify and implement Brocade Hardware Platforms.
  • To test the candidate's knowledge about network layer 2 protocols and functionality.
  • To learn Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing and switching Concepts.
  • Understanding OSPF Protocol and multicast routing.
  • Understanding of Access Control List and Quality of Service concepts.
  • To test the knowledge of maintenance of routers and switches and secured access to these network resources.
  • Troubleshooting is a task Network engineers perform every day and many times a day. Brocade aimed to train and testify its certifying candidates against the most real world tasks as possible. For this purpose Troubleshooting has become a major domain in BCNE exam.

Since BCNE is a core network certification for network specialists so it aims to train and teach the technicians all aspects of a network design and implementation. BCNE certified engineers are capable to configure and manage networks and have a sound knowledge of networking protocols and policies and can configure networking devices e.g. Routers and Switches.

Exam Format

Brocade Certified Network Engineer exam is a multiple choice questions exam with a total of 60 questions and a total time limit of 90 minutes. Candidate should have completed the basic switch router configuration program before attempting BCNE exam to get better percentage.

A training program named CNE200 is available by Brocade to prepare for Brocade certified network engineer program. The course duration is 4 days and the course contents include basic configuration of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and Routers through Command Line Interface and a detailed overview of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols.

Certification Information

Re certification

Brocade certifications never expire. However it is encouraged to repeat the exams and trainings to keep in touch with the technology changes. Candidate can make twice attempts within a two weeks time after first exam.

Pre requisite

There is no particular pre requisite for the certification but it is encouraged that candidates should have the knowledge of Brocade Certified Fabric Professional Gen 5 course. Brocade Certified Network Engineer Blended Learning Solution course is also recommended for BCNE preparation.

Skills and Benefits

The skills gained by BCNE certification are given below:

  • Candidate learns to implement the Brocade products in typical data networks.
  • Layer 2 and layer 3 networks creation using Brocade network Switches and Routers.
  • Designing a network by interconnecting Brocade switches and routers and upgrading images and files.
  • Access lists configuration
  • Basic Network troubleshooting using command line interface.
  • Sound knowledge of network protocols, wireless features, multicast networks and network security.

What's next?

After clearing BCNE exam the candidate can move towards another Brocade Professional level certification i.e. Brocade Certified Network Professional (BCNP) i.e. based on installing and configuring networking equipment in complex environments.