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Certification: ACSS-3107

Certification Full Name: ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise

Certification Provider: Avaya

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ACSS-3107 Certification Info

Certification Introduction

Avaya which is a leading entity in the field of enterprise communications systems offers a very holistic and comprehensive certification known as ACSS 3107 which is an acronym for ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise. The purpose of ACSS is to validate the candidate that he or she possesses the advance level of technical knowledge related to Avaya products such as they can install the Avaya products including both hardware and software without any error and issue and afterwards can configure the system, perform all the administrating tasks from basic to advance level. Moreover, the candidates learn through this certification that how they can maintain and troubleshoot the Avaya products to let its consumers acquire the 24/7 service without any hindrance and problem faced. They learn to resolve the technical issues faced and reported by customers as well.

The exams for ACSS certification is governed by the Pearson VUE Testing centers. These test centers play an important role in proctoring the exam by doing every related task very efficiently and diligently. Overall learning process of this certification is divided into three phases i.e. teaching and learning the theory related to Session Manager and System Manager. After that question answer session for clearing the doubts and queries and in the end lab activity is carried out so that candidates get the hands on experience using the practical activities.

Related Exams

ACSS 3107 is one of its kinds and there are no other exams in its hierarchy. However, there are other certifications which are offered by Avaya such as Avaya Certified Solutions Specialists (ACSS) and Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist (AIPS), ACSS 60002 for CM messaging implementation and communication manager, ACSS 3100 for communication management administration which the candidates can take in order to improve their technical skills and knowledge for Avaya products.

Certification Objectives

The ACSS 3107 mainly targets the system administrators and IT professionals who want to learn every single aspect of Avaya products. Thus the motivation and objective of ACSS 3107 revolves around configuration, maintenance and administering the Avaya products. Major objectives of this certification are highlighted below:

  • Identify and learn the alarming service possible in Session Manager
  • Learn how SIP Tracer and TraceSM works and what functionality does they provide
  • Learn what is Session Manager Dashboard is and how it performs it functions
  • Learn about the Call Admission Control and its functionality
  • Learn what is sequenced applications and what primary role they play
  • Learn what are the relevant network routing policies and how they work in providing services
  • Learn what is SIP registry routing and what is it function

Thus, ACSS 3107 is a very comprehensive and technical knowledge based certification after doing which makes the candidates completely capable and skillful in knowing about the Avaya products and their functionalities. This certification is mainly targeted to those individuals who have relevant job and responsibility in troubleshooting and supporting the Avaya Aura System Manager and session Manager or they are interested in pursuing their career in this field. This certification will help such candidates to perform excellent in real and practical environment.

Certification Information


The ACSS 3107 certification is open for all and anyone with prior knowledge and background can take it. However, the certification is only valid for 2 years after candidates are required to take the exam again to stay up to date.

Exam prerequisites

There is no general criterion for this certification; however, those candidates who possess relevant experience of about 4 years and 2 years of particular experience in knowing Avaya products, its functions, features, components and architecture are likely to clear the certification with very good marks.

Skills and Benefits

The ACSS 3107 certification will test the applicant according to their technical skills and knowledge related to how they can troubleshoot, maintain, administer, configure and install the Avaya session manager and system manager components by following its features and architectures.

What’s next?

After successfully clearing the ACSS 3107 certification, the qualified candidates can apply for jobs which offer services in the field of Avaya products. They can also do advance level certifications to demonstrate their Avaya product knowledge. Mainly, these candidates would get jobs for troubleshooting and maintenance of the Avaya Aura System Manager and Session Manager.